Fortnite new map that offers 25,000 XP per second in Chapter 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is halfway there, and the players of Fortnite are doing their best to rack up Rank XP and reach level 100 and above. Players need 500 Battle Stars to unlock the starting 100 levels of the Season 1 Battle Pass. The grind is tough and farming XP can get tedious in Battle Royale mode.

There are several XP bug maps available in Creative mode. Players can try out these glitches to easily farm tons of XP in Fortnite Chapter 3. Beyond level 100, progress becomes much slower as the XP required to level up is massive and requires enormous effort on the part of players. players.


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These XP glitches are helpful, and gamers Fortnite they can rejoice to learn of a Fortnite new map that grants over a million XP in just over a minute.

FORTNITE | Earn XP by the lot

Enter the Creative Hub and look for the ‘XP Free Cousin (1M XP)’ located on the right. First load the map on the left and then proceed to ‘XP Free Cousin (1M XP)’.

Players can also simply enter the island code: 4136-6206-6701 to enter directly.

Once inside this Fortnite new map, head straight for the rift at the end of the spawn room. Do not press ‘Start game’ during the whole process. The crack can be located with the text “Free XP” hanging above it.

The rift will lead players between two orange walls, and players simply need to walk to the front wall to activate the glitch.

Watch as incredible amounts of XP are awarded every second. Players will start receiving more than 25,000 XP per second. This will continue for over a minute and players will have collected over a million XP.


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