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Fortnite: new edition of Night of shorts teaches everyone what the metaverse will be like

Fortnite keep teaching what will the metaverse be like: full of activities to meet people or spend time with friends within a digital platform, which will be entered with an avatar and a username. An example of that is the new edition of Short Nite or Short Night.

Formerly Fortnite, the video game of battle royalehad already organized three editions of the film festival, in which a variety of animated short films. This fourth edition It will start on May 12.

Through a statement, Epic Games invite join the Short Night queue on the Discover page and watch from a selection of ten shorts, including the world premiere of three of them.

“After choosing a short, they will be teleported to an individual movie theater. Once finished, the rest of the shorts will start playingbut they can return to the Discover page if there is another specific short they want to see, “said Epic Games.

Users will be able to enjoy the selection of Fortnite shorts until next May 16, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. Argentina and 1:00 p.m. Mexico, Colombia and Peru. The event must be entered through Fortnite, that is, with an account on the platform and you can attend alone or with friends.

The Epic Games platform indicates that “teams” can be made, for each short with up to seven additional players.

Another way to watch the Fortnite shorts

Players have the option to watch the show through the Picture-in-Picture function while playing other experiences from Creative, Battle Royale and more. This option can be accessed through the settings (The clips will loop in the Picture-in-Picture function).

It must not be forgotten that the Users will be able to stay in the room, because once the short they selected has finished, the others will begin to play on a loop, or they can go to another room to see another specific short. In total there will be ten short films but one of them does not have its own cinema, although it can be seen in the loop.

And of course, since candy and popcorn cannot be missing to go to the movies, from May 11 at 9:00 p.m. in Argentina and 7:00 p.m. in Mexico, Colombia and Peru, the gesture biting something which will be found in item shop shelves. “Enjoy candy with this gesture while watching the shorts!” Fortnite tells his guests.

It should be noted that this is one of the many activities that Fortnite has launched for users to live with their friends or alone. Beyond his pitched seasons to be the last to survive, he has released severals events ranging from concerts to museum tours. One of them was the Ariana Grande concert.

They also often drop items for special events. For example, after the Coachella music festival, it incorporated into its radio stations a series of songs by the artists who participated in the event. And since the same festival lasted two weekends where users also found items in the store related to Coachella.

These types of actions in the virtual world are a little taste of what the metaverse would beonly instead of seeing it with the avatar of a video game in the third person, it will be in the first person and with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses to feel that you are inside that world.


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