Fortnite: Leak May Have Revealed Next Game Map Change

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is now upon us and while it has brought with it map changes, new weapons, gameplay features and more, it looks like the map could undergo one more change soon.

A leak posted by HypeX, a renowned source about the game, indicates that Epic is already working on changes to the map.

Since Fortnite started, we’ve seen several changes to the game’s map, with the island even being turned upside down, but as always, news is on the way. According to a leak posted by a reliable leaker, the Sanctuary between the Jonesies and the Daily Bugle, a location that Epic has already confirmed will change in the upcoming July 5th update, has had its new look revealed.

At the moment, Epic hasn’t said what it intends to change on the map, but through the leaks, we will have “a turret” in place, which could be similar to Collider, which appeared at the end of the previous season.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have an image of this new location, but it shouldn’t take long for the reveal to happen, especially since these files have already been found within the game.

What will this new tower be special?