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Fortnite: Is Peely a “pay-to-win” skin? We put an end to the myth of his hitbox in games

Fortnite pay-to-win skin

Peely is one of the most popular skins in Fortnite , which is why Epic Games has designed several versions of the character. Still, the original Peely skin remains a favorite and has become almost synonymous with Battle Royale.

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The interesting thing about the skin is that the design mimics the ripening of a real life banana. It will be greenish-yellow in color at the start of the match, turning deeper yellow over minutes and even gaining brown spots as the match progresses. However, many players wonder if Peely is a pay-to-win aspect in Fortnite.

A pay-to-win skin in Fortnite Outfits are considered to offer certain advantages in games and Peely is not. The outfits of Fortnite they come in various shapes and sizes, and despite the popular belief that skins have different hitboxes based on their size, this is not the case.

The size of any skin does not define the size of the hitbox and developers have a default hitbox size that is the same for all skins. This means that no specific skin has a small or large hitbox.

So it doesn’t matter if Peely’s head is bigger than his whole body because the hitbox remains the same. However, all this does not mean that his skin is perfect. Peely’s skin is easy to spot due to his large head compared to most other skins in the game.

FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 | Season 1 Week 12 Challenges

  • Get shields in Buttered Stable (0/50) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Collect a treasure with Drake’s Map (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Visit Deep Past or Pawn Shop on a speedboat (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Destroy items in Clandestine Cavern (0/25) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Deal damage to opponents with explosives (0/100) – Reward: 25,000 Season XP
  • Destroy gas pumps (0/4) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE
  • Use Spider-Man’s elastic webs to hook onto a zip line (0/1) – Reward: 25,000 Season PE

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