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Fortnite Green Goblin and other Marvel characters would appear in the Battle Royale according to leaks

Fortnite Green Goblin skin

No doubt Fortnite is one of the titles that has an extremely active community. Thanks to this, it has become the perfect platform to promote movies and other entertainment products.

For example, during the premiere of “Avengers: Infinity War”, an agreement was reached with Marvel to add Thanos and some Avengers, including a special game mode where only one player became the mad titan by finding infinity gems

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Well, now it’s time to see the Fortnite Green Goblin skin in action. Dataminers have been looking for some details that advance the content of the following Fortnite events in patch 19.10 that was enabled on January 18.

This is what Spider-Man’s popular enemy will look like in the video game according to the files leaked by dataminers. the insider hypex, on the other hand, shared via Twitter an image of concentric circles.


Fortnite19.10 update patch notes: all the changes and improvements of

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This is the background of the loading screen of Hawkeye and Kate Bishops, the last two characters that have a series on the Disney Plus streaming platform. Both would be playable characters during the patch.

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For the time being, the only thing we don’t know about Fortnite Green Goblin skin is his exact arrival date. Given that this leak occurred today, he should be appearing in the Item Shop very soon. We’ll keep you updated here on as things go.

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