Fortnite comes to iPhone and iPad thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming

Want to download Fortnite Battle Royale on your iPhone again? Apple took the decision to remove this video game from the App Store after Epic Games skipped commission payments for the purchase of skins in the online shop. Following this incident, one of the biggest lawsuits in recent years was unleashed.


Many fans have tried to get around the restrictions with APKs or by downloading apps outside of the mobile store. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have the app installed on apple brand devices.

Despite this, Microsoft has come up with a solution: Xbox Cloud Gaming. It is a system where you can launch a title remotely and stream it on a mobile device, including iPhone and iPad.


Unlike other titles in this system, Fortnite is free, so you can now play it on your cell phone. It is only necessary to have a Microsoft account and download the app.

“Requires a Microsoft account with an Xbox profile. Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) with Fortnite may require a compatible Bluetooth controller (sold separately). Select regions, devices and browsers. Transmission limitations apply; server availability and wait times vary. Requires internet, ISP fees apply. Fortnite contains optional in-game purchases.”


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