Fortnite Chapter 3 XP Glitch causes players to reach level 100 in hours

A glitch in one of the creative maps of Fortnite makes the community rewarded with incredible amounts of experience for free. We have already seen several tricks related to Fortnite XP Glitch, but nothing has been able to distribute thousands of points so easily.Leveling up is always great for the Battle Pass and the content of Chapter 3 of Season 1 makes players Fortnite work as hard as possible to unlock all the rewards. This XP glitch may be fixed soon, so players are against time.

Players must first navigate to the tab ‘Island code’ where you can invoke a creative map. Enter this code: 1478-6145-6503? V = 233.


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Fortnite Chapter 3 XP Glitch Console players can write ‘v233’ at the end instead of ‘? V = 233 ′. The proper map name is ‘Edit Pump Wars’ where players fight using only one Pump Shotgun and everyone can edit.

When you load this map of FortniteMake sure to start a private match, as other players joining can mess up the process. After showing up, take a direct right until a sign appears on the wall that says “Play with others”.

Above the poster, there is an invisible button with which the players of Fortnite they can interact. It jumps in to initiate the glitch, and if it works like it’s supposed to, players will start to receive small amounts of XP per second.


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What’s great about this glitch is that players can sit back and AFK for as long as they want while the experience piles into the thousands. There doesn’t seem to be a cap on experience earned, so stick around until enough is rewarded for the desired level.

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