Fortnite Chapter 3: where to find Season 2 tanks and how to destroy them effectively

Fortnite Chapter 3: where to find Season 2 tanks and how to destroy them effectively

The battle of The Seven and The Imagined Order is the main event of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 . As part of this war, developers at Epic Games introduced many new vehicles and weapons such as IO aircraft with siege cannons and tanks.

the tanks of Fortnite they are very slow but extremely powerful. You may be wondering where to find these vehicles on the island or how to destroy them in case someone gets ahead of you in the game. Here we answer all your questions.

First, you need to know where to find these tanks. They mostly appear in important locations, currently controlled by the Imagined Order. There are two tanks in Command Cavern and one tank in The Fortress, Tilted Towers, Coney Crossroads, The Daily Bugle, Rockey Reels, and Condo Canyon. In case their locations change in the future, just follow the red lines and then you can find them.

FORTNITE | How to fight tanks

Since tanks are considered vehicles in Fortnite, you can also use them. The tanks have four seats; the driver, the turret and two seats in the cabin. The driver can control and fire explosives while the turret can fire rapid-fire bullets. Players in the roof seats can use their own weapons. Driving and shooting with tanks is tricky and slow, so be patient to learn how to use them.

If you are unlucky enough to face a tank, you should pay attention to its weak points. There is a bronze panel below the turrets at the front, which is the weakest point of the tank. You can shoot at said target until you expose the driver and kill him. But if you want to destroy the entire tank, your best option is Remote Explosives.

Remember you can play Fortnite on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms.

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