Fortnite Chapter 3: trick to finish below the map and win all the games

Fortnite Chapter 3: trick to finish below the map and win all the games

Fortnite is not a perfect game. The developers add stuff from time to time and they’re fine with that; however, there are bugs that can affect performance or give away experience points. Now, a popular youtuber has discovered a trick to get you below the map and stay alive.

Epic Games has added many new items to Fortnite Episode 3 – Season 3. Players can currently interact with rocks that can be found on some hills in the game.

These rocks can be used as protection against opponents, but are mostly great for attacking as they deal massive damage to enemies from behind. Fortnite.

Unfortunately, it appears that Epic hasn’t fully tested the system, because the interaction of rocks with vehicles causes players to Fortnite end up under the island.

The youtuber GKI, known for sharing technical problems with Fortnite, recently posted a video explaining how the bug works that you too can replicate in your games. Unfortunately, players cannot get close to Point Zero even while using this glitch. Fortnite.

We advise not to abuse this bug because Epic Games can ban the account for taking advantage of such a bug in Fortnite.

FORTNITE | Points for Level 100

Given how complicated the current XP grind is in the game, reaching level 100 seems like a very difficult task. If you are one of those who do math to get an XP calculation per day until the end of the season, here we tell you how much XP is needed to achieve your goal.

From now on, the players of Fortnite They will need to collect 80,000 XP to pass a level in Fortnite. To get to level 100 in the game, players will need to collect a whopping 7,192,000 XP over the next few months if they want to make the most of the Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass.

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