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Fortnite Chapter 3: they discover failure to go through the walls and so you can do it

Fortnite go through the walls glitch

Even if Fortnite has achieved impeccable success over the years, there are certain aspects that need to be addressed with the utmost importance. One of them is certainly the presence of glitches, which influence the game and result in biased results.

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While XP glitches were in the spotlight in Chapter 3 Season 1, other glitches surfaced as well, forcing players to exploit them in Fortnite. While not all glitches are harmful, Epic needs to fix some of them to maintain a healthy gaming environment.

Fortnite offers players the ability to build structures in the game. This skin is exclusive to the game and stands out from other Battle Royale titles. These structures give players a space to hide as well as obstruct enemy bullets.

A newly discovered glitch allows players to enter any building and go through the walls using the structures. To trigger this glitch, players will need to build a conical structure and then replace it with a metal base. After that, players will need to place a structure diagonal to the wall to penetrate.

Once this is done, players need to start building a metal structure on the wall. Since the metal structure takes time to form, loopers can sneak in and will be allowed to walk through and enter.


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Not only does this disturb the gaming environment, but it also increases the risk of being banned by Epic Games. The developers have stated that the use of unfair means in the game will have significant consequences.

FORTNITE | How to kill Klombo

Klombo seems to have incredible durability. He can charge and destroy things, as well as take almost infinite shots from players in Fortnite. However, YouTuber Glitch King found out how to kill him with a single shot, but only in Creative Mode.

Glitch King revealed that the only weapon that will deal enough damage to Klombo is the common Copper Double Barrel Shotgun. It’s also unclear whether or not the exotic weapon called “The Dub” would kill Klombo. Either way, when Glitch King fired the shotgun at Klombo, it dealt 9375 damage.

Klombo is not meant to be killed, so there is no kill animation for him. When he was killed in Creative, he disappeared a moment after the gun went off.

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