Home Games Fortnite Chapter 3: the worst ways to die in Battle Royale

Fortnite Chapter 3: the worst ways to die in Battle Royale

Fortnite Chapter 3: the worst ways to die in Battle Royale

There are several different ways to lose a game in Fortnite . Some are noble, some are frustrating, and some are downright insufferable. Players have experienced many of them over the years, but the excruciating ones are likely seared into their memories.

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These losses stand out from all others. Even those with countless victories have countless failures, and some of them are painful. Let’s see which are the worst. Fortnite in Chapter 3.

FORTNITE | be beaten to death

The Battle Royale has a wide arsenal of firearms and it is unbearable to die from a pickaxe. The shame of dying like this is critical when you’re one of the last in the game.

FORTNITE | in one shot

It’s always frustrating to come in second, but it’s even worse when players find out how much health their opponent has left. If there is anything that would have changed with a single bullet, it is incredibly disheartening. Knowing that they were so close is sad for many players.

FORTNITE | Killed by an NPC

This can be a real possibility depending on where the final circle is located. If players end up in Sanctuary, they need to be careful where they shoot. If they activate The Foundation and he kills them to end the game (which is very likely), it’s one of the worst ways to lose.

FORTNITE | weapon without reloading

Forgetting to reload a weapon is something that affects all levels of players. It’s terrible when the opponent counterattacks while you’re in a hurry reloading after the last shot. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but it’s still very frustrating.

FORTNITE | fall damage

Getting knocked off a build isn’t such a frustrating way to lose, but losing by mistake and taking fall damage? That is the worst way to die.

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