Fortnite Chapter 3: so you can find pizza in Season 1

Find Fortnite Pizza

Fortnite just released its latest update and introduced a brand new item. It’s about the Pizza Party; players can find and participate in the new event once they connect to the match regardless of the server.

the pizza Fortnite can be found in the following places, as well as added in Creative Mode:

  • supply drop
  • Llamas (if eliminated)
  • random loot
  • chests
  • NPC Tomatohead in Tilted Towers sells Pizza for 50 gold each

The Pizza Party has become one of the best health and shield items in Fortnite. Players can heal up to 100 health and 50 shield with a box. Since the box cannot be stacked, multiple items will take up inventory space.


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Once placed, the pizza box of Fortnite cannot be picked up again. However, the pizza slices can be removed from the package. Two portions can be stacked in a player’s inventory slot.

Each slice will give players 25 health or shield. Additionally, if players have 90 health, the piece will grant 10 health and 15 shield.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 sees the return of vending machines, which players can use to get different items depending on which machine they visit. They can be used by the community to purchase healing items or ammunition in exchange for a certain amount of gold bars.

The detail is that a player recently shared a clip of his Victory Royale and everyone is convinced that the vending machines can be used as a “pay to win” item.


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What he did YoitzAigers in Fortnite is brilliant: his video on Reddit shows the player near a vending machine placed near him and uses the ‘patch’ option to heal himself in exchange for 200 gold bars. Since the player was outside the circle, he had to use the patch option a few times until the other player ran out of health.

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