Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 2: where to find the Anvil Rocket Launcher in all games

With Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 2 fully underway, fans are eagerly awaiting the new addition of different cosmetics, quests, and weapons. One of the latter is the Anvil Rocket Launcher, also known as the Anvil Rocket Launcher. If you already want to give it a try, you better find out where you can find the explosive weapon on the island.


If you want to finish off the heavy vehicles of Season 3 of Fortnite, such as tanks and the new armored battle bus, you need an explosive weapon. Of all the options, the Anvil Rocket Launcher is designed to deal with new threats.

In theory, you can find the new rocket launcher almost everywhere. It is recommended to search Supply Drops, chests and eliminate the Loot Sharks. The Anvil Rocket Launcher could be there and it could not be. It works like any other weapon in the game. In fact, it even comes in Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


All versions of the Anvil Rocket Launcher are found in normal chests, in the Seven Chests, and by fishing in a hole. However, only the epic and legendary ones are in rare chests and supply drops.

These are the stats for each type of Anvil Rocket Launcher that you will find in Fortnite:

Rare Anvil Rocket Launcher


Damage: 100 || Rate of fire: 0.75 || Magazine Size: 1 || Reload time: 3.6 seconds || Vehicle Damage: 600

Epic Anvil Rocket Launcher

Damage: 105 || Rate of fire: 0.75 || Magazine Size: 1 || Reload time: 3.42 seconds || Vehicle Damage: 630

Legendary Anvil Rocket Launcher

Damage: 110 || Rate of fire: 0.75 || Magazine Size: 1 || Reload time: 3.24 seconds || Vehicle Damage: 660


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