Fortnite Chapter 3: reveal trick to access the vault and get the best loot of the game

The players of Fortnite constantly discover glitches and ways around the game’s intended mechanics. The most recent finding comes from YouTuber GKI. This is another of his finds that shows some of the more interesting ways that Fortnite players can break the game.

In this case, GKI takes a pot and uses it to enter a Chapter 3 vault of Fortnite. The door is not open, there is no need for an additional player, and all the loot is up for grabs.

Take a look at the following video and you will see how to access this exploit of the vault of Fortnite. It requires players to grab a boat and drive it overland, parking it on top of where the vault is located.


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In the pictures, GKI goes to the easiest vault to access. It’s in the center of the map in the snowy area. There is a lake next to it with boats that can be used for the trick.

Once you get to the point above the vault, build walls over the area. This will keep the pot in the square needed to access it through a glitch. Get in the boat and then move on.

So you will need to get in and out of the boat repeatedly while driving it forward when as a driver. It shouldn’t take long for you to appear inside the vault, where you can take all the loot.


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The best part is that you will not be trapped because there is a teleporter in there. Take advantage of this trick to improve your inventory!

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