Fortnite Chapter 3: HYPEX reveals when we’ll see the new Season 1 map

Fortnite Chapter 3 is almost halfway done, and new leaks have surfaced showing major map changes that are likely to come very soon. Fortnite has always released interactive maps and they all recreate the season in real-time. The current scenario is covered in snow due to its winter release, but new leaks show what the new Season 1 map will look like once the snow melts.

The leaker HYPEX has revealed a first look at the new Season 1 map of Fortnite Chapter 3 no snow in Fortnite and many new points of interest are expected to emerge. The leaker has also provided a release date for the new map: January 7, 2022.


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New details of the Fortnite scenario

New details of the Fortnite scenario

HYPEX has also leaked that Imagined order He will return to the island, which is currently under the control of the Seven and the IO plans to return and attempt to take control. There are already leaks revealing prominent IO Drills emerging from the ground in preparation for some future event.

The purpose of the drills has yet to be revealed, and it is highly likely that Dr. Slone is the mastermind behind this sting operation. As previously revealed, the players of Fortnite They will see the return of their favorite landmarks from the iconic Chapter 1. Tilted Towers is expected to be one of them based on NPC missions.

New details of the Fortnite scenario

New details of the Fortnite scenario


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FORTNITE | Trick to access the vault

The players of Fortnite They constantly discover glitches and ways around the game’s intended mechanics. The most recent finding comes from youtuber GKI. This is another of their findings that shows some of the most interesting ways in which gamers of Fortnite they can break the game.

In this case, GKI takes a pot and uses it to enter a Chapter 3 vault of Fortnite. The door is not open, there is no need for an additional player, and all the loot is up for grabs.

Take a look at the following video and you will see how to access this exploit of the vault of Fortnite. It requires players to grab a boat and drive it overland, parking it on top of where the vault is located.

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