Fortnite Chapter 3: How To Earn 18,000 XP By Destroying Christmas Decorations In Season 1

Loopers must do the unthinkable to complete the penultimate mission of Fortnite Winterfest. Instead of spreading joy and happiness, they have to destroy ten Christmas decorations in the game. Upon completion, they will Earn 18000 XP experience points as a reward.

FORTNITE | How to destroy Christmas decorations

  • Land in the game in snowy regions that have large structures.
  • Look for any decorations that resonate with the holiday season.
  • Destroy them using the gathering tool, weapons, or other methods to complete the mission.


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Detect Christmas decorations in Fortnite It is easy. However, some users may have a hard time finding them with thick snow covering the island. However, there is an easy way to spot some during a game.

Fortnite  Earn 18,000 XP

Rather than searching for them while looting or rotating, players can simply find decorations at points of interest and landmarks. Giant candy canes, light-wrapped bushes, snowflakes, pendant lights, and wreaths on the structures are all Christmas decorations.

Destroying any of these will help advance the quest. A quick way to do this would be to find a wooden building loaded with decorations and set it on fire.

FORTNITE | XP crash ban

It is important to understand that taking advantage of XP glitches is completely against community guidelines for Fortnite. However, the only reason the developer hasn’t banned anyone is that hundreds of thousands of players exploit them on a daily basis.

Banning such a massive part of the user base will naturally lead to complications and backlash. Therefore, Fortnite hasn’t banned players in bulk for using XP glitches so far.


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