Fortnite Chapter 3: guide to get the Snow Stealth Slone skin

It never hurts a new outfit in your inventory. Fortnite Chapter 3. The Snow Stealth Slone skin is now available to the community through the January 2022 Crew Pack. The Fortnite Crew Pack also comes with several other items that may be of interest to you in your next games.

The Fortnite Crew Pack has just been available in the Battle Royale Item Shop and details various cosmetic facts about the Battle Royale Snow Stealth Slone Skin. First of all, this is an epic outfit that can be unlocked by becoming a member of the Crew. Fortnite during this month.

Fortnite added that the Crew Pack comes with an exclusive member skin, instant access to the Battle Pass, and much more. These Crew Pack rewards will vary each month in terms of skins and cosmetics, depending on many other features.


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Crew members can also unlock a special Golden Look Board glider during the event Fortnite Winterfest which will take place from now until January 6. Remember that Fortnite Crew subscribers will have instant access to the Battle Pass for the current season.

FORTNITE | Cobra Kai Outfits

Fortnite It has become the digital platform par excellence for the promotion of movies, series and other content. Let us remember that the game has been loaned in the past for the premiere of the new Star Wars cinemas, Marvel’s Avengers; as well as, concerts by popular singers such as Ariana Grande have been held.

On this occasion, Battle Royale lends its platform for the premiere of season 4 of Cobra Kai, the Netflix series based on the Karate Kid. While the fifth season of the series was being shot during September and December of this year, the production company announced that today, December 31, the episodes of the current season would be shared.

Of course, Fortnite has not been left behind with the promotion of the series. In the virtual store, you can find the set of martial arts suits and the special movement of the first film that ends up giving the protagonist victory.


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