Fortnite Chapter 3: Game-breaking glitch that breaks the game with infinite wins

One thing that has remained constant in Fortnite. In addition to the creative cosmetics of the game, these are the flaws that players take advantage of to get XP in heaps in no time.

Recently, the YouTuber GKI, also known as Glitch king, has revealed a failure of Fortnite It practically breaks the game. When used efficiently, this glitch will help players easily earn Victory Royale and experience points.

The first glitch corresponds to the instantaneous resurgence of teammates in Fortnite. Through this glitch, players will be able to instantly revive their teammates without having to wait the required time.


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FORTNITE | How to do the Game-breaking glitch

To activate this glitch, loopers will need someone to press revive on the teammate and instantly leave the game, which triggers the instant revive glitch.

This flaw is extremely beneficial as it allows players to make infinite profits. This is because once the glitch has been triggered, players can stay alive even if they are inside the storm.

As other teams battle in the end zones, players can easily survive with their teammates in the storm, literally beating all other players.

The Instant Revive Cheat can also be used to acquire some XP in Fortnite Chapter 3. Players will need to activate the glitch as mentioned above. Once this is done, they should ask the teammate to stand on top of a torch. The flame will reduce the player’s health and knock him down. However, their teammates can quickly revive them with the glitch, receiving XP for the resurgence.

Glitches can either impact or have no effect on the outcome of a match. However, this revive issue will very certainly award players with a Victory Royale, which will have a significant detrimental influence on the game. Players that are curious about the bug can try it out a few times to get a feel for it, but it should not be utilized to gain an unfair edge in the game.


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What do you think about this Fortnite Game-breaking glitch of infinite wins? Let us know in the comments.

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