Fortnite Chapter 3: filter hack to reach level 200 in a short time

Fortnite Chapter 3: filter hack to reach level 200 in a short time

We already know that Fortnite goes overboard with the amount of XP required to get all the Battle Pass rewards. Players have been frustrated by not reaching the goal, but there is something you can do as a last resort without risking getting banned by developer Epic Games.

the youtuber glitch kingknown on the Internet by the community of Fortniterevealed that there is a way to reach level 200 of the Battle Pass without wasting time in the Battle Royale.

glitch king shared creative map code 9496-3304-5859 so that the players of Fortnite enter a stage designed to give away XP for the slightest effort. According to the youtuber’s subscribers, they had to wait ten minutes before doing something that will increase the amount of XP.

In a one-minute video, Glitch King managed to rack up over 90,000 XP for Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3. Players who repeat this process over and over can gain a lot of XP and reach level 200 much faster.

Please note that the exploit could be patched by Epic Games in the near future.

FORTNITE | How to know the value of your account

The skins of Fortnite They are cosmetic elements that can reach several thousand dollars in specialized forums and everything always on the Internet. While some outfits can be obtained from the Epic Games Store depending on the season, some outfits will never return to Battle Royale. This is how the skins can cost a lot for collectors.

If you’ve ever wondered about the value of your account Fortnite, there is an easy way to check it. However, please note that buying or selling accounts is against the terms and conditions.

What you should do is visit, which serves as a calculator for cosmetic items. Simply add the value of all cosmetic items to your account. Fortnite and the system will display the value in V-Bucks. After that, players can convert their V-Bucks to local currency to find out the value of the account.

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