Home Games Fortnite Chapter 3 cheat to get infinite metal without hacks

Fortnite Chapter 3 cheat to get infinite metal without hacks

Fortnite Chapter 3 cheat to get infinite metal without hacks

Materials are extremely important in Fortnite. Since building has returned to the game and Zero Build is a standalone game mode, materials have become very important in the game.

Loopers generally destroy all the trees they come across. Fortnite, as they are easy to break and reward you with a lot of wood. However, a youtuber discovered how to obtain almost unlimited amounts of the best material available in the game, metal.

There are two requirements that the player must meet to achieve this. First, players must have one or two RVs nearby. Second, they need a lot of repair torches. The youtuber was playing in duos, and both members of the team had five repair torches each.


Here you can see the tutorial to do this simple trick. The best thing is that you do not require any hack, so there is no risk of being banned. Remember that you must hit the vehicle until it cracks and then use the repair torches.

For each blowtorch, the players of Fortnite you can expect to get around 150 metals with this method. This means that with the ten repair torches these two players had, they can expect more than 1000 metal.

FORTNITE | How to link PC and PlayStation account

  • Go to the Epic Games website and sign in or create your account if you don’t have one.
  • Once you’re logged in, go to your account page and look for the tab on the left that says Connections.
  • Under the Connections tab, switch to Accounts where you’ll see options to connect with GitHub, Twitch, Xbox, PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Select any of the services you want to link your account to, and when asked if you want to continue to the external site and provide them with more information, confirm your choice.

Following these steps will link the player’s account and sync all their progress and profile. Now you can easily download and play on a PS4 or PC with the same account.

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