Fortnite back to iOS: GeForce Now could be the solution to the problem with the Battle Royale

There is no doubt that Apple is one of the platforms with the most users in the world, especially in North America. Unfortunately, multiple users are unable to access Battle Royale Fortnite due to the legal problems of both companies.

Months ago, Epic Games created alternate paths for online micropayments. In this way, they skipped the commissions that they would have to pay Apple for using their mobile and tablet operating system.

Everything seems to indicate that Fortnite was forcing this situation since it immediately filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly having monopolistic practices and not letting the Battle Royale run from the App Store.


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New effort to bring Fortnite back to iOS

Recently, it was reported that Nvidia’s GeForce Now would feature the video game. It is a video game streaming system, where the title does not run on your console or mobile device, but instead, you see an image of what is running on Nvidia’s servers, in the same style as Google Stadia.

Through the iOS Safari browser, a GeForce Now subscriber-only closed beta test will be conducted. It is not yet known if it will be possible to bring the Battle Royale back to the iOS operating system of iPad and iPhone.

Epic Games has announced that it has worked with Nvidia to modify the controls of mobile devices. In this way, control during the streaming of the title will be much easier.

The test will start next week and it is already possible to register your GeForce NOW account (even without an active subscription) in order to hope to be selected. The closed beta has a limited duration – but the end has not yet been announced – and the data collected in the beta will contribute to the development of the final version. Recall that at the moment Fortnite is already available on GeForce NOW, but that is the traditional version for PC, so it does not offer an interface designed for mobile devices.

Before concluding, we point out that Nvidia has also announced the arrival of an update for the SHIELD TV platform that brings the operating system to the SHIELD Experience 9.0 based on Android 11, available for all models from 2015 onwards.

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