For what reason Aleks Syntek received a doctorate “Honoris Causa”

The Organization of World Leaders recognized Aleks Syntek for his great career in music (Photo: Getty Images)

Mexican singer Raúl Alejandro Escajadillo Peña, better known as aleks sintekhe shared through his official account Instagram one more achievement in his extensive career, a goal that adds to his long relationship with music.

And it is that the interpreter of at night in the cityreceived a honorary doctorate at 52 years of age. The reason for this recognition was for his professional career and his transcendent contributions.

The document that is already framed with the date of August 27, 2022 has a small legend that says: “In attention to his personal qualities and outstanding professional career and his transcendent contributions to the country and humanity”.

For his part, the musician thanked the World leaders Organizationwhich translates as World Leaders Organization, for awarding him the doctorate.

Aleks Syntek received an honorary doctorate (Photo: Instagram/@syntekoficial)
Aleks Syntek received an honorary doctorate (Photo: Instagram/@syntekoficial)

“Thank you to the members of @omlid_org for giving me this recognition that I receive with a great commitment to continue a work of ethics and social welfare through my profession”, said Syntek.

In addition to being very smiling in the photograph, the singer also shared a video of the happy moment, in which you can see how he is recognized as one of the greatest musicians in the country.

He is one of the most important icons of Mexican pop in recent years.. Syntek began its career in 1989 with the formation of the band Aleks Syntek and normal people”, they expressed.

This was the band with which Syntek released four albums that achieved great commercial success. Among the collaborations was sasha sokolbut after that the band had a breakup.

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“Since 1999 he has developed a solo career in which he has released albums by At night in the city they added.

This organization seeks to recognize outstanding leaders with honorary doctorates, both for their trajectory for skills or achievements. In accordance with The financialthe Omilod It is constituted as a chain of union for professionals, intellectuals, academics and communicators.

The objective of this group is that people, with their talent and effort, contribute with actions that improve the conditions of the country and humanity in general.

The history of Aleks Syntek

The long career of Aleks Syntek (Photo: Getty Images)
The long career of Aleks Syntek (Photo: Getty Images)

After becoming a soloist, he wrote the musical score for the famous Mexican film Sex, modesty and tears and this led to win an ariel award granted by the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

In fact, one of his best-known songs is the one that receives the same name from the movie. In that same year, she got a special report by the magazine Keyboard, where they named him The Mexican King of Popthat is, “the king of Mexican pop”.

After that, his career began to take off more and more, he released several more albums that stand out Multiple, World Lite and then had a great success together with Ana Torroja with the song Love hurtsan emblematic anthem of the 2000s.

In 2014 I won a Grammy Award to Best Latin Pop Albumin addition to having a total of seven Latin Grammy nominations, as well as winning two Latin Billboard awards.

The most recent controversy of Aleks Syntek

Aleks Syntek attacked reggaeton (Photo: Getty Images)
Aleks Syntek attacked reggaeton (Photo: Getty Images)

Just a few days ago the singer-songwriter asked for fines for those establishments that play reggaetonsince on several occasions he has shown his dislike for the genre.

during the podcast Authentic of peter grandsonAleks mentioned that they should regulate reggaeton in establishments to be “inadequate”.

If reggaeton fans want to continue saying rude things in all their songs, it’s up to them. When I talk about regulation it is when you arrive at a restaurant at 10 in the morning where there are grandparents, parents, children and there is intense perreo at full volume, because the waiters put it on, the owners do not notice that the waiters are the ones who play music,” he said.

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