Flordelis: series about controversial crime is available on Globoplay

The documentary series arrived in the Globoplay catalog last Friday (7th) Flordelis: Question or Adorewhich investigates the controversial crime involving former singer, pastor and federal deputy Flordelis dos Santos de Souza.

Table of Contents

With six episodes released weekly on Fridays, the production must show behind the scenes of Flordelis’ investigation and family.

“How did this all start? How did this family form? Where do these people come from? Where did they go? Who was part of this trajectory? How did they get here? These are questions that we try to answer throughout the six episodes”, comments Mariana Jaspe, screenwriter and director of the documentary series.

The production was developed in partnership with the newspaper The globewho was represented by Carolina Heringer, journalist at the Rio section, and Thiago Prado, policy editor.

“I have always sought, since the time of the crime, to investigate this case in parallel with that of the police, mainly to understand the intricacies of the family and have a broader view, not restricted to the official investigation”, said Carolina. Check out the trailer:

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remember the case

In June 2019, Anderson do Carmo was shot dead at the door of the house he shared with Flordelis, his wife since 1994. She claimed that her husband was a victim of robbery, but soon the story took more twists.

The controversial case hit the pages of newspapers in 2019 and will still be among the most talked about topics in the coming days, as the trial of the former federal deputy will begin today (7).

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