Home Entertainment ‘Flash’: release date, trailer, cast, plot and characters

‘Flash’: release date, trailer, cast, plot and characters

'Flash': release date, trailer, cast, plot and characters

Flash runs so fast that he can’t even ezra miller has been able to stop it. The multiple complaints about assault, harassment and even accusations of leading a cult Those that have fallen on Miller have not prevented the actor from donning the Flash suit in a film that has aroused the highest praise from critics.

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This project was a matter of time: In all previous DC movies in which Flash appeared, the superhero played by Erza Miller acted as unstoppable steals scenes. So, after sinking for more than two years and flirting with the end of his career, the wayward Miller has finally starred in his movie.

Up to Stephen Kingwho said he was not very interested in superheroes, liked it.

‘Flash’: release date

After countless postponements (this film was already expected in 2019), Warner’s main course will hit Spanish theaters on June 16.

‘Flash’: trailer

‘Flash’: cast

Ezra Miller is not the only attraction of Flashsince the film about the Scarlet Speedster is haloed by nostalgia. michael keatonTim Burton’s Batman, will resurrect his Batman, but he won’t be the only one to do it: Ben Affleck he’s also dusted off his Batman suit for the occasion. And the best thing is that there could still be more names to be discovered. Will we finally have the Superman played by Nicolas Cage that history owes us?

The film will feature a familiar face for the Spanish viewer: Maribel Verdu will be the mother of Flash, which will be hers the most difficult task in the film: channeling Ezra Miller.

Director of Flash is Andy Muschiettiwho was in charge of the last adaptation of Item. Is this due to the support that Stephen King has given to the film?

‘flash’: argument

According to the official synopsis, Flash’s powers to travel through time and change the past cause a catastrophe. In trying to save the family from him, the character played by Ezra Miller alters the future and the General Zod (Michael Shanoon) becomes the main threat in a world where there are no superheroes to turn to.

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