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‘Flash’: Michael Shannon Defends Ezra Miller

'Flash': Michael Shannon Defends Ezra Miller

Warner Bros. and DC they had a gigantic problem with Flash. The movie starring ezra miller he was going to rearrange the continuity of his multiverse by finally giving a solo adventure to the speedy superhero who debuted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicein addition to boasting the company of two Batman: the one of Ben Affleck and the one of michael keatonreturning after the films of Tim Burton. could be the Spider-Man: No Way Home from DC, but Miller’s problems with justice threatened its very release.

Little by little the situation got back on track. Miller showed intention of amendment after being arrested and receiving multiple charges of assault, assuring in a statement “to have suffered complex problems of mental health” and “have started a treatment”. “Wanna apologize to all those who have alarmed and annoyed by my behavior ”, continued the interpreter of fantastic animalsin a public relations strategy that ended up coming together thanks to the fact that, suddenly, it turned out that Flash it was an excellent movie.

This is confirmed by those who have seen it, including the current presidents of DC Studios (James Gunn and peter safran). Flashdirected by Andy Muschiettiis now scheduled to premiere this July 16th, although the concern for the conduct of its protagonist has not finished having been alleviated. Hence, some recent statements by michael shannon. The actor reprises his role from General Zod (supposedly killed in the man of steel) for Flashand in Vanity Fair He has recalled what his experience working with Miller was like.

Apparently it was most pleasant, and Shannon was surprised by the subsequent accusations. “I thought Ezra was charming, he was very kind with me when I was there”, explains the actor from daggers in the back. “It’s hard to talk about it, but I always try to give people a lot of space in this business, because there are a lot of people with problems. And some people are allowed more privacy than to others”.

Shannon can’t help but empathize with Miller. “Every time someone is the center of attention and they mess with them, I fell pity for him. Even though this justifiedIt’s still a horrible situation.” The media narrative has ended up adjusting more or less to Shannon’s attitude, with which Flash It aims to be released without further controversy. For now.

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