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‘Flash’ hallucinates those who have already seen it: “One of the best superhero movies”

'Flash' hallucinates those who have already seen it:

Next June 16, DC returns to the big screen with the premiere of Flash, speedster hero solo adventure ezra miller which will address one of the most important arcs of the character in the comics: Flashpoint. In it, the protagonist returns to the past to save his mother’s life, a decision that will have devastating consequences for the future.

Accompany Miller michael shannon as Zod, and Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck sharing Batman’s cape, as well as sasha street in the skin of Supergirl. The now boss of DC James Gunn he already promised that Flash was “a fantastic movie” that would reboot the entire Distinguished Competition universe.

The North American critics who have attended the CinemaCon held these days in Las Vegas have already been able to enjoy the blockbuster directed by Andy Muschietti and, based on the reactions they have shared on networks, they fully agree with Gunn. According to specialists, we could be facing the best DC movie and one of the best superheroes.

Lauren Huff (EW): “Share what you make of Flash special would be to spoil it. It lands firmly, kicks off with a sequence that has to be seen to be believed, and is a riot from start to finish. We already know why Warners feel confident about this movie, it’s a success.”

Perry Nemiroff (Collider): “I’ve seen the unfinished footage of Flash and I’ve gotten quite a bit. especially for how The narrative challenges Barry to face who he is, who he might have become, and how one is influenced by the people in one’s life.”

“It’s a successful mix of components of a coming of age, stellar action (I loved the style of Flash’s powers and the creativity in those scenes) and lots of laughs. The comic timing and delivery are perfectly measured.”

Erik Davis (Fandango): “The Flash from DC is tremendous! Forget DC, it’s hands down among the best superhero movies ever made. Exceptional. Original narrative, fantastic action sequences, a great cast. Lots of geeky details. She was crying at the end. It’s everything you want from a superhero movie and more.”

jordan hoffmann (Vanity Fair): “Much crazier than I expected. It borders on what it’s like to read a five-volume crossover comic. There’s a lot of Ezra Miller being wacky and time paradox stuff. The geeks will lose their minds at the end. And at the beginning, and in the middle. comics!”

Germain Lussier (Gizmodo): “Yeah. Flash It’s as good as rumored. Is Return to the future mixed with Spider-Man: No Way Home, with all the humor and heart of the first, and the action and surprises of the second. If anything, it might be too ambitious, but it’s also very satisfying, moving and funny.”

Sean O’Connell (Cinema Blend): “Nostalgic. Hilarious. With a lot of heart and two remarkable performances by Ezra Miller. The truth is that I can’t believe that Flash exist. It’s magic. Hit all the buttons. I’ll watch it 1,000 times.”

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