These have not been good times for the alliance Warner-DC, at least on the big screen. In the last decade, Marvel Studios has elevated the fiction of capes and tights with its prolific MCU while its Distinguished Competition has tried to close the gap with its mainstream heroes.

The age zack snyder It has resulted in many controversies, sound failures and a hasty and totally chaotic cinematic universe. it will be up to James Gunn, in charge of the two most vindicable projects of the DC among the recent adaptations (The Suicide Squad and The peacemaker) put order. For now, he’s decided to ditch the Snyderite vigilantes and build his own super-powered world from scratch.

However, before entering this new stage of the DC Universe, it remains to be released. Flash, the most controversial bet, but, at the same time, the one that is receiving the best reactions among specialized critics.

Ezra Miller, black sheep of the bet led by Andy Muschietti after starring multiple scandals for assault or harassment, dons the scarlet speedster’s red leotard in his solo adventure, which tackles the character’s most celebrated arc in comics: Flashpoint. There is no better excuse to reboot DC.

‘Flash’ review


Flash he comes late. That is the main stumbling block of the new bet deceita from Warner, which has been slow to join the cinema of parallel realities and multiverses, with the MCU totally unleashed in this regard (of Spider-Man: No Way Home to the sequel of Doctor Strange) and the celebrated Everything at once everywhere or the recent Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse Like hateful comparisons.

Barry Allen’s multiversal adventure on the big screen is, broadly speaking, a restrained bet that works from the joviality and goofy comic vis of its protagonist, a Peter Parker with a fast metabolism. It is also the film with the most heart in the recent curriculum of the Distinguished Competition, a production that sets aside the ends of the world to focus on exploring the trauma of a duel without going through, the loss of a mother that is entrenched for life.

Andy Muschietti takes to the screen Flashpoint, the most celebrated arc of the scarlet sprinter in comics, to pose through it a moral dilemma: if your powers allowed you to save the life of a loved one by traveling through time and changing the past, but with dire consequences, would you do it? ? Would Peter Parker save Uncle Ben? Or Batman to his parents?

It is there, in the internal struggle, where the film shines, thanks in large part to a Ezra Miller very successful in the skin of not only one Barry, but two. The actor finds his best sidekick in Michael Keaton’s Batman, whose opening scene alone justifies viewing Flash. Unfortunately, the rest of the supporting cast and guests are irrelevant, from Supergirl to Iris West or General Zod.

Perhaps most surprising is how well the Spanish accent of Nora Allen, mother of Barry, a ghost from the past who plays Maribel Verdu. With her, the production addresses pain, but also the love between a mother and a son, soaking it in Latin culture, with Rubén Blades (Life gives you surprises) and Rosalia (If you only knew mate) to the beat of the most emotional moments.

Flash shines in the small spaces, in the discussions between the two ‘Barrys’, the farewell hugs, the multiversal inconsistencies (we want to spend a day in that timeline in which Eric Stoltz stars Return to the future, Michael J. Fox dances in foot loose and Kevin Bacon flies in Top Gun) and the dilemmas with oneself. Also in the action scenes focused on exploiting the power of his hero, like that opening sequence in which we see him putting babies in microwaves and saving therapy dogs on the fly.

Just when Muschietti aspires to the ‘super’ is when everything falls apart, the fight scenes are tedious and flash point It ends in an arena of easy gladiators, with disconcerted faces and provocative cameos. Just because, Flash nor has it lost the opportunity to recover old ‘Batmans’, ‘Supermans’ and even a ‘Supergirl’, but, after three years organizing nostalgic meetings in similar productions, this resource no longer has the same effect.

Flash It arrives late, leaving the viewer the feeling that they would have enjoyed it much more before transiting alternate realities with Spider-Men and Supreme Sorcerers, before the infinite worlds of the ‘Daniels’ won an Oscar. In the midst of the golden age of cape and mesh cinema, the film opts for a background in which it does not stand out, but it does not drift either, and the best that Warner has signed within the universe created by Zack Snyder is erected.

‘Flash’ synopsis

As we said, the film recovers a crucial arc from the comics called Flashpoint, in which the character uses his powers to travel through time and change the past, but causes a catastrophe.

The hero, trying to save his family, alters the future and creates a world in which there are no superheroes. In this context, he will have to face the general Zod (Michael Shannon) The sprinter’s main threat, while trying to solve his mistake.

‘Flash’ release date and duration

The film starring Ezra Miller arrives in theaters on June 16 and lasts 144 minutes.

‘Flash’ manager

The Argentine director, screenwriter and producer Andy Muschietti he directs this solo adventure by Barry Allen, a project that he arrives at endorsed by the latest adaptation of Item (2017 and 2019). Before dealing with Pennywise, she took charge of the terrifying Mother (2013), also written by him.

‘Flash’ cast

Ezra Miller and Michael Shannon are not alone in Flash. michael keaton, Tim Burton’s Batman resurrects his batman to share credits with another Bruce Wayne, the one from Ben Affleck, who dusts off his bat-suit for the occasion.

sasha street debuts flying as Supergirl, Kiersey Clemons is Iris West, love interest of the protagonist, and Maribel Verdu plays Nora Allen, Barry’s mother.

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