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Five ways to prevent a laptop from overheating

Five ways to prevent a laptop from overheating
Laptops require an adequate temperature to maintain their proper functioning. (Getty Images)

One of the most common drawbacks when using a laptop is that these devices They can suffer from abrupt increases in temperatures during regular use, but it is necessary to attend to the situation as soon as possible to avoid damage to the components internal of the laptop. Although in most cases this can be done at home without problems, sometimes it will be necessary to go to a technical specialist.

The temperature of the laptop not only influences the possible damage to the components electronic of computerbut also causes it to not work correctly by incurring constant failures, reducing the speed of execution of chores and even the impediment to start programs either Applications.

These are some of the considerations to take into account to prevent a laptop presents malfunctions due to an increase in its temperature.

Turn off the computer for a moment

One of the simplest solutions for this type of inconvenience is to suspend the use of the device for a few minutes for the computer components to reduce their temperature progressively. Excessive overheating can lead to computer to execute a shutdown emergency without prior notice, so it is preferable to make this decision voluntarily.

FILE - A few configuration changes can significantly lighten Windows 11. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer/dpa
FILE – A few configuration changes can significantly lighten Windows 11. Photo: Zacharie Scheurer/dpa

In case you do not have enough time to wait for the components reduce your temperaturerestarting the device is a viable option to eliminate those tasks or functions that occupy the capacities of the CPU Or the Graphic card Of the device.

Close applications that consume resources

If users do not want to suspend computer use temporarily, then they can use the Task Manager of Windows to know the status of the CPU and know which applications or programs increase the use of this component. To access this function, it is only necessary to press the combination of keys Control + Alt + Delete and click on the option with your name.

When the computer slow, frozen, or not working properly, this window of windows It will indicate which are the applications that consume a certain percentage of the capacity of the CPU and users can force the completion of the task.

Windows 11 Task Manager. (Capture)
Windows 11 Task Manager. (Capture)

Avoid obstructions in the ventilation slot

A common mistake in using laptops it is the lack of attention that users can give to the ventilation ducts of the device. One of the easiest ways to generate overheating in a laptop is to place it on a surface that does not allow the ventilation of the device to work properly.

If we add to this oversight the use of applications that demand great capacity on the part of the CPU Or the Graphic card, such as editing or design programs, computers will heat up quickly. some slots ventilation They are located at the back, on one of the sides of the device and even at the bottom, so it is recommended to avoid obstructing them.

It is also advisable to purchase cooling base that keeps computers at the right temperature.

Laptop ventilation slots are located on the sides of the devices
Laptop ventilation slots are located on the sides of the devices

Avoid exposure to heat from external sources

As with the cell phones, users should avoid exposing them to intense sources of heat. Preferably, laptops should be used in cool, shady environments. Although they can be transported and used anywhere, users who wish to use their laptop should preferably be located in places not exposed to the sunespecially in summer when the temperatures increase.

Even if you have a base of refrigeration and it is possible to reduce the temperature of the computer even outdoors, this does not involve the cooling of other components exposed to heat such as the screen Of the device.

Clean the dust inside the laptop

In the event that users have constant problems with overheating of your device, perhaps this is directly related to a lack of maintenance of it. The system of Cooling of a laptop can be affected in the event that there is an accumulation of dust inside the computerso cleaning maintenance is necessary to make sure these components keep working properly.

The maintenance of this type are not expensive and can be performed once a year, so it represents a viable solution for problems of temperature.

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