Five tricks to get the most out of Waze

Five tricks to get the most out of Waze
Waze. (photo: Chris Ratcliffe, Bloomberg)

Waze has become the best alternative to Google Maps with a particular quality: be an advocate for a community of motorists who share all kinds of valuable information for drivers and travelers to a specific destination for their vehicle.

A app which has grown in complexity over time, it even comes with a Waze Carpool and you can get the most out of it if you follow one of all the Waze tips and tricks to be found below to save more than a few minutes to the expected destination on the other side of the city.

1. Find gasoline at the best price

Waze has the ability to search for a specific type of property, such as a gas station. Best of all, you can have up-to-date information thanks to its user community, although it depends on your activity in your area to be able to keep it up to date.

– When the route has been specified, open the ETA.

– At the bottom select the gas station icon.

– Will be appreciated gas station list close to the price.

You will be able to know instantly when the information of the same gas station card was last updated.

In addition to searching for gas stations, from the option On my way you can use parking lots, restaurants, cafes and more, for better planning of routes and stops to get there.

Waze.  (photo:
Waze. (photo:

2. Clean up the map interface so it doesn’t bother your eyes

– Gonna Settings > Advanced Settings > Display and map > Show on map.

– Can be removed from wazers (other users), radars, chats, police and much more to clear the map.

It is best to remove chats and wazers from the map view. The rest is optional, because even if they are not present visually, Waze will remember them by voice.

Waze.  (photo: APK Pure)
Waze. (photo: APK Pure)

3. Send your current status or ETA to a contact

Waze has many virtues and features, and one of them is the ability to share an exact location in real time. The best thing about this feature is that the contact will get the status in real time without installing the app.

– Click on it blue button located at the bottom right to open the ride information screen.

– Now it’s time to click on the button Send ETA.

– Allow the access to contacts.

– There are two options: or find someone you already have on Waze, or use the button Plus which opens the sharing options Android either iPhone.

– Select the apps specifically and choose the contact.

As you can see, the message has two links, one to track the route in real time for those who have not installed the application and use the web; and the second, which prompts the user to install Waze if they don’t have it on their telephone.

Waze.  (photo: ComputerHoy)
Waze. (photo: ComputerHoy)

4. Plan a trip to save yourself all the traffic

– Go to the side navigation panel to Planned trips.

– You can see a button in red at the bottom that allows you to create a planned trip (those you have created from now on will also appear here).

– Enter the destiny.

– You will now see a traffic graph on the right hand side and the different departure times you can choose from.

– Swipe through the hours to choose the time you want to arrive and Waze will notify you at the right time.

Waze.  (photo: Parenthesis)
Waze. (photo: Parenthesis)

5. Add a stop to the route

A stop can be specified for this trip that will start in any coastal region of the country. For example, a gas station where you usually stop to eat.

– Go to bar ETAand at the bottom touch the option One stop.

– You can choose parking lots, gas stations, restaurants or a section to search for the stop address you want to add.

– Done this, choose To go.

– In the pop-up menu choose the option Add stop.

– The stop will be added to the predefined route.

Remember that when a stop is selected, the path to the route appears in pink and the final destination in purple.

Waze.  (photo:
Waze. (photo: