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Five tips to discover offers in home applications

Five tips to discover offers in home applications
Delivery applications. (photo: Focus Right)

In the restaurant industry the arrival of orders and deliveries of food or drinks through Applications in the countries of Latin America It has allowed the expansion of hundreds of local restaurants, whether they are small businesses, large chains or corporations.

Therefore, it is important to analyze how the applications that facilitate the ordering and delivery of food at home work. In addition, many users have surely wondered How can you get the most out of the prices on these apps?

For all the aforementioned, the experts of the app of DiDi Food They have shared five tips to buy on any food and beverage delivery platform, taking advantage of their functions and promotions:


1. Use all available coupons

The applications offer discount coupons when a person joins the platform, on special days or as a reward for completing a certain number of orders. So these are key moments to review.


Furthermore, one must not forget the social networks of the application to take advantage of the exclusive promotional codes of the platforms, so that you can always get a discount on the final payment.

2. Check the status of the order

Some users do not verify the data when they confirm the order, so it is always recommended to carefully check what you have to pay, which is usually:


– The price of the order

– The shipping fee

– The service fee (using the platform)

– And the tip to the person who delivers the order.

In this way, users can identify costs where a direct discount can be requested in the restaurant, with a discount coupon. Some delivery applications even have premium services They provide the option of saving the service fee.

This means that users are not charged for the services provided by the app, so in the end they only have to pay for food, shipping costs and, if desired, a thank you to the “rider”.

3. Never stop going to try new places

With the growth of the food delivery industry in the vast majority of Latin American countries, more and more restaurants of all categories are joining these types of sales channels, offering more options for each budget and with discounts.

4. Consult the discounts in restaurants

Anyone who loves discounts is surely looking for “bargains”, so keep an eye on the “restaurants” section and take advantage of some discount opportunities, either directly on the restaurant price or on orders. or delivery fees.

5. Look for low shipping costs

A piece of advice that few people know or use is that with applications that make it easy to order food and receive it at home, they can customize searches to reach restaurants with low delivery costs or special prices so you can save on every order.

Keep in mind that shipping rates can fluctuate, especially during high demand, so it’s always a good idea to refine your search to find new options and deals.

Delivery applications.  (photo: The Peruvian)
Delivery applications. (photo: The Peruvian)

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