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Five tips for creating recipe videos on social networks

So you can start planning the idea of ​​creating an account that uploads content about recipes.

Anyone who has come to watch videos on social networks has come across an infinity of accounts that make short, direct and entertaining recipes to invite others to make at home. But for those who want to go to the other side and start making content of this type, there are a series of important tips to start.

Many of these tips are not focused on the technical, so it is not always necessary to have the best camera, cell phone or the most advanced kitchen implements. The focus is on the format, the content and the food. Although it is important to take into account some factors such as light, good ideas and presentation.

have the perfect setting

In addition to food, a good place to cook is something that attracts people’s attention. Beyond buying elements to adore, it is important to look for a spacious, clean and well-lit place so that the image is of good quality.

After that it can be accompanied by decoration of any kind and improve as the community grows.

Tips for making content focused on recipes
Tips for making content focused on recipes

The simplest is the most seen

Although having talent in the kitchen is important for this type of content, it is also essential to know how to choose the recipes. The easier it is to replicate them, the more reach they will have. So you have to take into account factors such as time, implements to use, ingredients and practicality so that anyone is encouraged to do it.

Already over time or in some special format, more complex recipes can have a place by having more followers or in other social networks where people are willing to watch longer and more specialized videos.

Editing is essential

It is important to find your own style and format. Editing is an important tool for this, because you don’t always need to appear on camera or speak, but by putting nice readable text, effects, transitions and camera movements, people can connect with the content.

For this there are editing tools that are easy to use on the cell phone or on the computer, some are free for beginners. But over time you can scale and learn more about the subject.

a nice meal

Being a video, the interesting thing is that users can be provoked by what they see on the screen. So it is important to take good camera shots to show the food, especially in its final plating, so that the differential factor of the dish stands out and is the objective of people when replicating it.

Here it is also good to take into account the type of dishes to be made, that it be food that attracts attention, sometimes because of its size, because of its colors, because of the time, because it is different, among others.

Tips for making content focused on recipes
Tips for making content focused on recipes

Look for a differential touch

This is perhaps the most important, because there are many accounts making recipe videos, so one key is to find a different factor to offer, be it from the style of presenting the food, humor or seriousness, to the type of dishes to prepare breakfasts, seafood, pastries, simple recipes, more complex recipes, among many other ideas.

It is also good to integrate with the community, answer their questions or know what they like to see so that you can also upload recipes that they suggest or changes that they comment on the format.

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