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Five security tips on TikTok

The social network has tools for users to protect their data and profile.

TikTok It is one of the most used social networks in the world. With nearly 1,000 million users per month, it is an opportunity to enjoy varied content, but also to obtain personal information, which must be taken care of.


Within all this panorama, it is clear that personal data such as address, emails, account numbers, everything that would never be spread on the street, should be published on any platform.

So these tips are more oriented to tools that are available in the application to take care of the security of the accounts and the content that is published there.

Theft and impersonation protection


Taking care of the account is the basis of all this. The best way to enter the social network is to associate it with a platform where there is already another profile of your own, such as an email or phone number. This will allow, in the event of theft, to be easy to recover the data in the event of theft as it is a process with an external account.

If you do not have this option enabled, you can go to the profile in tiktok, by pressing the three lines in the upper right corner, then go to Settings and privacy > Manage account.


Then put the desired phone number or email, where a confirmation code will arrive to put it back in the app and that’s it.

Taking care of the account and the information that is there is essential for any user.
Taking care of the account and the information that is there is essential for any user.

Two-Step Verification

This is one of the most used methods in cybersecurity recently. It consists of adding a temporary verification code at the time of logging in, after entering the key. It is a way to guarantee that the person who is entering the account is the real user.

To activate it on TikTok the following must be done:

– Click on Profile

– Then on the three lines icon

– Go to Settings and privacy, then Security and login, then 2-Step Verification.

– Put the number or email associated with the account and click on activate

– will bequeath the code, which will be entered in the app and that’s it.

trusted devices

This is an important option to keep in mind because it is very useful in case of account theft, since TikTok allows you to activate which devices you can log in on and limit access to others that are far away.

To have this option, you must follow these steps: go to Profile and click on the three-line icon, then on Settings and privacy> Security and login> Manage devices. This box will show the devices on which the account is logged in, so if you don’t know which device it is, you just have to click on the trash can icon and remove access.

The social network has tools for users to protect their data and profile.
The social network has tools for users to protect their data and profile.

account privacy

This is a very familiar function in other networks. It consists of making the profile of each one private or public, so that people who are not followed or are not given access cannot see the content uploaded or the information in general.

If an account is public, everyone will be able to see everything, but if it is private, only people who receive approval to follow will have access to the videos, LIVE, description, likes, list of followers. In addition, you can also limit the Duos or paste the uploaded videos.

To activate this you must go to Settings and privacy> Privacy> Private account.

Limit comments and messages

This is a functional for all those who do not want to have an annoying experience with other users who generate hate. It directly allows that no one can comment on the videos and that messages cannot be received either.

Something to keep in mind is that direct messages are disabled for users under the age of 16.

For comments, the process is as follows: Privacy settings> Privacy> Comments, there will be the option of Comment Filters, to limit all, those that are considered spam or specific words.

In the case of direct messages, you must go to Settings and privacy> Privacy> Direct messages, where the Nobody button will be, and there with that active, no person will be able to write internally.

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