Five platforms to learn English for free on the internet

Five platforms to learn English for free on the internet
These are the 5 recommended websites to learn English without paying anything Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa
These are the 5 recommended websites to learn English without paying anything Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa

Although English is not the most widely spoken language in the world, it has become the most widely used for business, work or study. In addition, in many of the countries where Spanish speakers emigrate, it is the official language, so it is quite useful to know at least some expressions in this language.

TechMarkup has collected information on 5 websites where you can learn English comfortably, from home and without paying a single penny.

learn for free

This is a website that offers a long list of completely free courses on different topics, for example, you can not only take English lessons, but there are also many other languages.

As for English, this platform has enabled approximately 80 courses of all levels ranging from beginner (A1) to native speaker (C2)Likewise, some of these modules are focused on businesses and other types of specific environments.

Additionally, the learning system of this site includes videos, podcasts, movies, and other multimedia formats, which is why it sometimes redirects students to other courses taught by world-renowned institutions, and likewise, for free.


Although this is one of the most famous institutions on the planet in the field of learning English as a second language, it is quite accessible to all people, since on its website it has a total of 176 courses for all levels and focused on different areas such as academic English.

The only requirement to take these courses is to select the level and the time available to dedicate to learning, all from the official website.

Courses -English

This platform works in a much more self-taught way, as it offers a long directory of exercises to practice different aspects of English such as tenses, “phrasal verbs” or “listening” and at different levels.

Like the two previous options, this website allows you to practice this foreign language for different environments such as business or trips. Likewise, these exercises have nothing to do with filling in empty lines, since they have videos, songs, and audios.

On the other hand, this site also has its mobile application version and allows users to know their mistakes, correct them and repeat them if necessary so that they have learned the subject correctly.


It is part of the platforms that have been developed to learn about different disciplines focused on work or business, one of the many courses it offers is English, and it is available for all levels and with various specialties such as the world of work.

The website hosts several courses and modules taught by different institutions, as well as created by themselves, and although anyone can enter, on this occasion There is a time limit to complete the sessions.


Its full name is Edutin Academy and like most of the sites on this list, it not only specializes in English but also offers a long list of courses on different topics such as other languages.

Specifically, the English courses are taught in video sessions that range from the most basic level to the most advanced. Y At the end of all the modules you can pay to receive the certification that also has international validation.