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Five online course platforms to learn business marketing, SEO and more

One of the many advantages of modernity is that you can find almost anything in Internet. It is no longer necessary to have to go out into the street to look for schools, workshops and specialized courses thanks to the wide variety of options on the net.

As is well known, the demand for Internet sites has forced people to specializing in new trades like SEO What does Search Engine Optimization mean? web design, digital marketingamong others, that can be studied online.

Activities that can be done online are most sought after by the ease and comfort provided. In that sense, what better way to study professional tools focused on websites than on a website.

Below are five digital platforms in which there are courses and workshops on digital marketing, web design, SEO, among other training. Some are paid and some are free.


Undoubtedly Crehana is one of the most popular sites because it has over a thousand courses. Although it is not free, it is sometimes discounted and the variety of topics can be an enticement to sign up.

There are workshops to learn how to make table settings, to master excel, to become a digital marketing professional and even learn programming and Artificial Intelligence. Here you can see the courses.

HubSpot Academy

This platform offers a wide variety of courses related to digital and content marketing. In many it gives a digital certificate at the end of the apprenticeships. It is completely free and only asks the user to create their account and be aware of the courses. In this link you can review the topics and options.

Google Activate

Similar to other Google courses, these are completely free including certification. It is a good option for those who want to boost their career and expand their knowledge, some of the courses are: Get your next job, How to improve and protect your online campaign, Promote a company with content, Get customers to find you online, among others focused on improving sales and visibility on the Internet.

To learn more about the 51 courses offered by the Google platform, you can access this link:


Another option is Domestika that has various paid courses and many with discounts of up to 75 percent. These are guided by specialists so that the apprentices follow their instructions during the apprenticeship.

Some of the available courses are: Introduction to Google Ads and Facebook Ads from scratch, Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, Instagram brand strategy and Community manager fundamentals. It should be noted that there are courses for all kinds of interests such as tattoo and photography, decorationamong others, to see them you can check this link.

Semrush Academy

This platform allows learning at no cost and also gives certificates to its students when they finish the courses. It is focused on those who have careers in marketing, for example, among its workshops are: Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course and Content Marketing Fundamentals Course. To learn more and register you can access this link.

Online courses give you the opportunity to learn from home, at any time and obtain certificates to promote professional growth.


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