Five must-see K-dramas that are among the most watched on Netflix

Five must-see K-dramas that are among the most watched on Netflix
K-dramas waiting for you in the streaming giant.  (Netflix)
K-dramas waiting for you in the streaming giant. (Netflix)

TV series produced in South Koreaknown as K-dramasare sweeping more and more globally in the services of streaming. So, in this section we want to update you on them and in case you don’t know them or haven’t seen them, we give you an appetizer so you can discover the great stories that many are seeing and that you may want to add to your list of Netflix.

For example, The Squid Game (2021) It was one of the productions of that country that became one of the most viewed on the platform, surpassing 140 million viewers in the world. Another recent one that also scores since its launch on June 24 is The paper house: Korea, and so on others that perhaps have not had much visibility, but they are seeing them and we will present them to you below.

Korean remake of the successful Spanish series “La casa de papel”. (Netflix)

“Eight thieves recruited by the professor break into the Unified Korea Mint to execute an unprecedented robbery.” This is how its official synopsis is described on the platform.

Starring: Yoo Ji-tae (Mad Dog), Park Hae Soo (the squid game), Jun Jong Seo, yunjin kim, Kim Sung Oh (a korean odyssey), Lee Kyu Ho, Park Myeong Hoon (crash landing on your heart) Y Lee Joo Bin (she would never know); among others.

my liberation diary

Tired of the monotony of being an adult, three brothers try to find a way to feel fulfilled and break free from their ordinary lives. (Netflix)

Drama that tells the story of three brothers and a stranger, all exhausted from the monotony and exhaustion of adult life. Therefore, they seek to be freed from their frustrating lives in order to discover the path of the dreamed fullness.

Starring Lee Minki (Because this is my first life), Kim Ji Won (descendants of the sun) Y Son Suk-ku (marital chaos).

our blue horizon

“Our Blue Horizon” follows a group of people on Jeju Island who, alone, together, or intertwined with each other, form interesting, emotional, and sensitive life stories. (Netflix)

Love is sweet and bitter at the same time. And with him life is full of ups and downs. Romance fiction that reveals emotional stories about a group of people (all close friends) who live and work on the busy and well-known island of Jeju. “A story with a lot of heart”; this is how Jade Budowski described her Decide.

It is starred by Lee Byung Hun (the president’s man), Shin Min ah (love is like cha cha), Han Ji Min, Kim Woo Bin (heirs), Cha Seung Won, Lee Jung-eun (juvenile court) Y Uhm Jung Hwa; among others.


A young half human, half spirit, after suffering an accident, is hired by a company of creatures from the underworld to carry out special missions. (Netflix)

It reveals the story of Choi Jun Woong, a young man who does not have a permanent job and who unfortunately gets involved in an accident after trying to save a man who was trying to end his life. Therefore, he ends up working with Goo Ryeon, known for being an emissary of death, whose mission is to assist all those who find the answer to his problems in suicide.

Starring Kim Hee Sun (Second marriages and longings) Y Ro Woon (South Korean singer, model and actor, belonging to the K-pop group SF9).

love is like cha cha

A dentist leaves the big city to open a practice in a small coastal town where she meets a charming man. (Netflix)

On a journey, a dentist moves to a coastal town where she meets a man who wants to help his neighbors. From there she begins the story of her joys and sorrows.

In Latin America, alchemy of souls, Woo, an extraordinary lawyer Y Not allowed giving up, are other productions that are very close to landing in Netflix, but outside they are already devastating; and here they are already waiting for you.