Five comedies that will make you smile and that you can see on Disney +

“Ron Da Error” recently arrived on Disney Plus with a story to laugh and cry about. (20th Century Studios)

The week is almost over, and although for some they were great days, for others not so much. But whether you are on one side or the other, the truth is that smiling and why not, laughing out loud, is always more than necessary. Therefore, here we leave you some titles that can raise or improve your mood and that you will find in Disney+.

Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck

The herd reappears in the cinema, but this time Buck, Crash and Eddie steal all the limelight. The story begins when Crash and Eddie, tired of their sister Ellie’s overprotectiveness, decide to become independent and end up in Lost World, where Buck lives. However, not everything will be rosy there, as they will meet a dangerous enemy who wants to kill everyone.

“Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck” – a new story in which the adventurous weasel is the main character. (DisneyPlus)

Rum Gives Error

This is an animated movie that will make you laugh, but also cry, and by the way, it will make you think a lot about the true meaning of friendship. The protagonist of this production is Barney, a boy who can’t have friends at school, especially now, since it has become popular among his classmates to have a robot as a best friend. Barney wants one like this, but his father can’t afford it because his cost is too high. However, he manages to get Ron, a bot with some flaws that, although initially hated by this kid, will eventually become what makes him special. Without a doubt, this is a good plan to share with children, family and of course, with friends.

cheaper per dozen

Without a doubt, this is a classic when it comes to comedy. If you already saw it, you should repeat it, and if not, you should watch it when you get the chance. Steve Martin the protagonist of this film, in which he plays Tom, a man who will have to deal with all the problems and personalities of his twelve children, while his wife, Kate (Bonnie Hunt), traveling for business.


Although it has been on the platform for a while and had a stint in movie theaters last year, the truth is that this production inspired by Colombia and Latin America continues to give people something to talk about and is one of the most viewed on Disney Plus. The Madrigal family is the protagonist of this story, and their magical powers have kept the peace within their community for several years. However, when the magic is gone, all its members will panic, but they will also discover what the true meaning of the word home is.

“Encanto” stars the Madrigal family. (Disney)

Mr Link

It arrived a few days ago on the streaming platform and has a story to smile about. It all begins when Sir Lionel Frost, a researcher of mythological creatures, decides to travel to a distant place in the United States in order to find the famous missing link. And he will find it! Only he will not be as he imagined, and on the contrary, he will be a very intelligent and civilized character. This is Mr. Link, who will give you some life lessons.

Sir Lionel Frost considers himself the greatest investigator of myths, monsters and legends. However, not all of his colleagues believe this, so they encourage him to investigate and search for the missing link, a mysterious half-human, half-beast creature. (Disney)

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