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Five apps to plan a trip this Easter

Today there is Applications that help make the entire process before reaching the destination much easier and from any tmobile phone.

Next, TechMarkup brings 5 ​​applications that will help to organize an upcoming adventure:

travel bank

It is a tool to calculate and control the costs of a business trip, flights and food prices rated low, medium, high or very high.

Allows you to create reports on travel costs based on payments.

Among its services there is an option to find flights, as well as having a 24-hour concierge guide. You can monitor the mileage and manage the income through an instant scan to send the money to the company.


Is a messaging app (all in one) that allows users to explore, plan and coordinate group trips.

Users can create a travel idea, search for hotels and flights, discover proposed experiences, documents and price rates, and then invite friends and chat in a group.

It’s easy to create an intuitive path through a travel card where you can include places of interest, restaurants, hotels and even business plans, then create surveys among all members and finally split the costs.


This is a kind of agenda to help organize and share travel trips easily, even automatically sync with home calendars device, if it exists, to automatically modify the changes that occur.

After booking flights, hotels, rental cars, transfers, restaurants, information can be saved via email in a ‘master itinerary’ created specifically for travel, so passengers always have the program at hand at any time during their adventure.

What’s more, plans can be shared with others. Also, it allows you to create backup copies and save important documents through a traveler profile that can be accessed with a password.

Trip Republic

This app lets you compare prices to get the best deals, as well as rreserve and buy without additional charges later.

When the profile is created, the service follows the user’s movements to adjust future research according to their preferences that provide personalized suggestions.

Another option is that, like the previous applications, allows you to collaborate with colleagues, share ideas, record notes, send links, even meal plans.


This app configures a route with data like flights, hotel reservations, car rentals, instructions and cost control.

Through the email route it will be updated automatically and with a simple appearance of “Timelines”, you can make a travel profile, a transfer request, check the weather forecast or search for alternative flights.

The most interesting thing is that it sends precise information, and at the moment, about terminals and boarding gates, and notifications of any changes made to the flights.

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