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Five alternative applications to YouTube to watch videos in the background

It’s not a secret that Youtube It is one of the favorite platforms when it comes to consuming multimedia content, because on this site it is possible to find videos on any topic and from other perspectives.


For this reason, one of the most popular ways to consume content is through a mobile devicesince in addition to being very comfortable, users also use it to listen musicaudiobooks, podcast and more.

The problem is when you want to open another application or just keep the screen of the cell phone inactive because playback stops automatically.


So if you want to prevent YouTube playback from stopping with a simple automatic screen lock, no need to worry. In this article you will find the best apps to play YouTube in the background or when the screen is off, totally free:

Stream: music


Whether you want to enjoy the vast music content available on YouTube or watch your favorite shows while browsing Internet from a mobile phone, it is strongly recommended Stream: Music.

With this application you will be able to enjoy all the content of YouTube without any limitation, and even you will be able to set the video quality, subtitles, playback speed and more. Even better, does not include advertisements.

And as if that weren’t enough, one of the best things about Stream: Music is that you have an option “Pop Up”, which minimizes the video on the device screen without having to pause the video.


Dolphin Browser – Fast, Private & Adblock

There are several browsers in google play, each of which includes special features; however, one of the most underrated is Dolphin Browser.

With this browser you can do all the searches you want, it’s quite fast, consumes very few resources and It is capable of blocking all kinds of ads.

And not only that, when YouTube is opened through the browser, you can enjoy all the content of the platform in a very flexible way. It also gives you the option to minimize the browser without stopping the video. Its appearance is similar to Google Chrome.

Minimize play in background – Video Mini

Another application to play YouTube in the background is Minimize play in background, share the YouTube database so that you have all the content without restrictions.

One of the most interesting functions of this platform is the ability to shrink videos as a floating player and even gives you the ability to create playlists and save up to 40% battery with the “Energy saving” option.

Music for Youtube Player: Red+

If you want your YouTube videos to stand out, the Music for Youtube Player: Red app is perfect. With this platform you will have access to all YouTube content in HD quality and you will have the possibility to create playlists without any ads. Even better, you can comfortably use the device when listening to music or watching videos.

Also, it has a power saving option that allows you to pause the video and play only the audio. This feature saves battery up to 50%.

Black Screen: video screen off

And finally, if you don’t 100% trust these third-party apps to be able to play YouTube in the background, it’s time to check. BlackScreen.

The operation of this platform is quite simple since lock your phone whether you are playing videos, music or movies.

Also, you can customize the black screen on how you like; with dark or white backgroundalthough it is also displayed as a distribution text on the mobile phone.

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