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First virtual assistant with ChatGPT expected to arrive this week

Cell phones from the Infinix Note 30 line will have ChatGPT integrated into the native virtual assistant, revealed an informant. OpenAI’s chatbot will power Folax, the “Siri of Infinix”, allowing it to respond more naturally to user requests via voice or text.

The information advanced by the informant Ice Universe (@UniverseIce, on Twitter) gives Infinix an advantage, putting Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa behind. The company would be one of the first to integrate the OpenAI model into its own virtual assistant natively.

“Infinix would be the first to integrate ChatGPT into their phones, the Note30 series,” the tipster writes in the tweet. “While OpenAI’s ChatGPT app has been released, incorporating ChatGPT into a phone is groundbreaking. They’ve combined ChatGPT with the Folax virtual assistant, making Siri sweat for your money.”

Although the possibilities with AI are practically limitless, it is not known exactly what it is capable of doing and what the restrictions would be. In the demo, Folax is able to suggest gifts for a Disney fan girl, but it’s not clear if she could manage smart devices in the house, shop for you or open apps, for example.

Using Folax is completely free, but the app is exclusive to Infinix cell phones. The Note 30 is scheduled for release on Wednesday (14) and most of the specifications have already been confirmed by the company.

ChatGPT is available as an app

OpenAI has released a dedicated ChatGPT app for iOS and Siri functions are supported, but the integration isn’t as deep as a native virtual assistant. Siri itself was also a guinea pig in an experiment where it was integrated into the chatbot, but it was just a demo.

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