Firefox 96 for Android and desktop available: improve video conferencing

Mozilla released Firefox 96 a few hours ago: it is the first update of the year for the open-source alternative browser and is available on all supported platforms, mobile, and desktop. The news itself isn’t a lot – the official changelog includes three:

  • Significant improvements in noise reduction and auto gain, slight improvements in echo cancellation for a more fulfilling user experience. [NDR: the reference is to videoconferencing for those web-based platforms]
  • Significantly reduced the workload on the main thread [the browser should in a nutshell consume less system resources]
  • From now on, the Cookie Policy: Same-Site = lax is active by default. Helps fight cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.


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Firefox 96 for Android and desktop video conferencing

To which are added two specifics for Firefox 96 for Android:

  • The Jump Back In the section of the homepage will show recent searches and browsing history highlights.
  • Best images for recent bookmarks appear on the homepage.

There are also multiple bug fixes and quality improvements, among which it is worth mentioning, again in the field of video conferencing, a better resolution when sharing the screen, for example for a presentation. Additionally, we fixed an issue where video quality deteriorated overtime on certain websites.

Unfortunately on Android, there is no good news from the point of view of add-on support, which continues to remain rather limited and limited. Mac users will be happy to know that finally when you CMD-click on a Gmail link it opens in a new tab, as expected. Unfortunately, however, there is also bad news: videos in dedicated windows maximized to full screen have been temporarily disabled due to abnormal consumption of resources, unexpected changes in brightness, lack of subtitles, and corruption of the stream.

If you already have Firefox installed, it should be updated automatically soon. If you don’t already have Firefox installed, you may do it right now by visiting the Firefox website and downloading the browser.


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