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Find Web-Shooter Locations in PUBG Mobile 1.8 Spider-Man game mode & Tips To Use

Find Web-Shooter Locations in PUBG Mobile

The developers of PUBG Mobile have released the long-awaited 1.8 Update. It has already begun to be implemented and has generated great enthusiasm throughout the community.
The Spider-Man-themed game mode has caught the attention of all players, but there are also numerous more interesting amendments outside of this.

Users can also get various rewards when downloading the latest version of PUBG Mobile between January 12 and 18 (UTC +0), which include:

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  • 3000 AP
  • 100 DG
  • Golden Assassin Helmet (3d) ×1

Following is the complete detail of new update and Web Shooter Location in PUBG Mobile

Find Web-Shooter Locations in Erangel

You can always acquire a Spider-Man: No Way Home Crate containing advanced supplies in certain locations and areas, such as:

  • Mylta Power Plant: Guarded by robots and is located in the left circle on the minimap.
    Severny: on the third floor of a red three-story home near the shopping machine in the city’s northeast outskirts.
  • Between Rozhok and Ruin, on the observation tower near Water Town.
  • Georgopol: Near the bridge, in the giant red warehouse.
  • Yasnaya Polyana: located on the second floor of the large white hall at the town’s entry, next to the Recalling Tower.
  • On the slope on the northeast side of Rozhok, there is a two-story squad house. The location is on the second floor.


PUBG Free to Play on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

Find Web-Shooter Locations in PUBG Mobile

credit: gurugamer

  • In the School Apartment, located on the second floor.
  • On the second storey of Mansion’s Main Hall.
  • In Mylta’s two-story squad house.
  • One may be found in both Pochinki and Ferry Pier. In these locations, the crates are positioned on the corners of two-story squad houses.
  • Three Spider-Man containers may be found at the Military Base: one at the observation tower, one in an apartment building along the road, and one in the building with the shopping machine next to it.
  • In Novorepnoye, in a garage as well as in small warehouse.

Other crates can be found in obscure areas. As a result, you must thoroughly inspect the looting location. These crates may be set on the floor or hung on the wall/roof with spider nets.

Find Web-Shooter in Livik

Erangel is substantially larger than Livik. However, there are a lot of Spiderman web-shooters on this map. On this map, you’ll find various Web-Shooter Locations.

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  • Crabgrass and Midstein each have two crates in their squad houses.
  • Shipyard: in the ship’s cabin and a tiny port.
  • Two containers are mounted on the walls of two warehouses at Power Plant.
  • In the main hall, Holdhus has one crate.
  • Next to the Shopping machine is a crate in the Lumber Yard.
  • Between Lumber Yard and Waterfall, in a little home.
  • On Waterfall, in the hut.

Find Web-Shooter Locations in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Update 1.8 Notes

As with every patch, adaptations have been made to all stats in the game, including healing times and damage value on weapons. But aside from that, we leave you here a summary of the most obvious changes of the patch:

  • New Classic Mode map – This will only be playable in Unranked mode, available on the Livik map . New features include interactive zip lines, a volcanic eruption landscape, and tactical goggles equipped on characters that will allow them to see the damage inflicted.
  • New Supply Shop – There will be vending machines and supply shops throughout the map. To buy in them, players will be able to collect money and use it; In addition, you will receive notifications when you are near a supply store.
  • New Recovery Mechanic – Playing in a squad, you will now be able to return to the battlefield if your teammates visit the Recovery Tower and “remind” you, which is a way of reviving you.
  • Water Revive – If you happen to be knocked unconscious in the water, your teammates will be able to revive you in the water without having to move to shore. Although of course, in this state your speed will be reduced.
  • Hit Marker Feature – This is a feature you need to enable. If you do, each time you hit an enemy, you will place a mark on them that will follow them for a limited time.


PUBG Mobile x Spider-Man No Way Home

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Other updates and improvements

Several improvements have been added to the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update. They are as follows:

  • Graphical quality improvements: improved HDR water surface material effects in Erangel.
  • When a player only has one consumable or expendable, the expansion button above is hidden by default.
  • Improved interactions in the Settings screen.
  • Improved the layout order and naming of tabs in the settings.

Bug fixes

The developers have fixed several bugs within the game, lobby and more in PUBG Mobile 1.8 version. The details are as follows:
In-match issues.

Fixed the issue where there were no steps when carrying a wounded player.
Fixed effect display errors for some weapons.

Lobby problems

Fixed the issue where players using certain tablet models could not open the purchase page when tapping a Lucky Airdrop.
Fixed the issue where the voice volume could not be adjusted on the Settings page.

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Other issues

Fixed the issue that made it impossible to hide the pairing details popup window.
Fixed the problem with displaying Maid Set and Mutation Mask.


PUBG New State Redeem Codes – How to Redeem and Get Rewards

When does the new season of PUBG Mobile start?

Update 1.8 was just in time to include the improvements coming with Season 4 of Cycle 2, which starts on January 18 and runs until March 21. Season rewards include goggles, parachutes, a MK14, and mask.

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What do you thibk about Web-Shooter Locations in PUBG mobile? Let us know in the comments


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