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Free fire It is one of the most competitive video games on mobile devices, both on Apple’s Android and iOS operating systems. If you are a lone wolf, surely you will not have problems looking for action in the Battle Royale, where nobody trusts anyone and the combat is intense from the moment you land. However, there are those who prefer to play within a team.

On Free fire There are Clans, that is, groups of players who decide to play together indefinitely. The problem is that you must have several contacts, make friends (or convince those you already have) from a Clan, and thus have fun. You may be successful, but luckily there is a more interesting alternative that will lead you to improve your games with competitive people. The portal Disboard can help you get servers from Discord, the popular application of the gamer community, to find groups that can add you to their ranks and thus have fun in Free fire with people from all over the world.


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Free Fire Discord servers

The servers appear according to the label you are looking for
Before resorting to Disboard, you must download Discord so that you can join the servers dedicated to Free Fire. Just go to your phone’s virtual store (Google Play or App Store, depending on the OS of your phone), register through a social network or create an account and that’s it. You are now ready to be added to the servers through an invitation link, which can be obtained in forums or sent by the administrator.

Once you have Discord, go to the Disboard portal and go to the search engine to find out the servers dedicated to Free fire. There are some that are exclusive and are only dedicated to Battle Royale, and others can be mixed with games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and others.


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Right there in the Disboard results you can join the server with a simple link. Not all spaces are in Spanish, so you will probably have to use English to communicate with your new colleagues.

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