Finally: Samsung is removing ads from its apps later this year

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If you use a Samsung cell phone, you can currently still find advertisements in some system apps. If you spend over 1,000 euros on a Galaxy S21 + or a Samsung foldable, that’s of course annoying. Now finally Samsung is removing ads in the applications concerned. Tech Markup tells you which Samsung apps are affected.

  • Samsung will remove ads in its own system apps
  • Ads were only introduced in apps like Samsung Music, Samsung Pay, and more last year
  • This is intended to improve the user experience in the Galaxy ecosystem over the long term

Last year, Samsung introduced advertisements in its own system apps. So if you bought a Galaxy S21 Ultra for over 1,000 euros, for example, you had to expect advertising in applications such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Music, or Samsung’s own weather app. This is not only a thorn in the side of many users, of course, but it also prevents us all from using Samsung’s own applications.

Samsung itself now fears that, because the manufacturer has announced that it will take the ads from its own OneUI operating system. According to Sammobile, Samsung, “President and Head of Mobile Communications Business”, announced that it had communicated this information in an online conference. Among other things, this decision was a reaction to internal criticism.


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The Galaxy ecosystem is to be strengthened

Sammobile further cites that Samsung wants to strengthen its own Galaxy ecosystem. And since the advertisements in the apps have met with a lot of criticism, the manufacturer is now looking for “new opportunities to grow in the area of ​​content and advertising services”. So it remains to be seen whether Samsung will not integrate the advertisements elsewhere in the operating system in order to draw attention to its own services.

It is also quite possible that Samsung’s decision is a reaction to the falling sales of Galaxy devices. Personally, however, I wonder whether this approach is the right one. Because it is possible that it is not the Samsung ads that take mobile phone seekers away from Samsung, but flagships without a micro SD card slot or other points of criticism that we had in our test reports on Samsung’s new flagships. But who cares, The best thing is Samsung is removing ads from the apps and this is the news.

The question arises: did you even know that Samsung shows ads in its own apps? I myself used the manufacturer’s smartphones for a long time this year, but I never stumbled upon advertisements. Because I don’t use Samsung Pay or Samsung Music as an ecosystem alien anyway.


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