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Film success: meet the 11 most awarded Oscar-winning actors

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Known for being the most important and prestigious film award, the Oscar is responsible for consecrating and leveraging the careers of several actors and actresses in the industry. Since 1929, the ceremony crowns stars and stars in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories, which are always the most anticipated at the party, alongside Best Film.

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But who were the Oscar-winning actors, in the end? We made a list of the 11 most beloved stars of the award; check out!

Some actors and actresses have become iconic figures at the Oscars, as they have already won several statuettes.Source: Oscar/Playback

11 – Jack Lemon

Nominated 8 times for Oscar, actor Jack Lemmon won the statuette twice. Once in the category of Best Actor, in 1974, for the film Dreams of the Past (Save The Tiger)and another in the category of Best Supporting Actorin 1956 by mister roberts.

10 – Marlon Brando

Like Lemmon, the renowned Marlon Brando had 8 Oscar nominations and won two figurines. The two were in the category of Best Actor, for the films The Godfatherin 1973, and Thieves’ Syndicate (On The Waterfront)in 1954.

9 – Spencer Tracy

Another actor who won two Academy Awards in the Best Actor category was artist Spencer Tracy. First in 1938, by Intrepid Sailor (Captains Courageous)and then in 1939, with the film With Open Arms (Boys Town). In all, Tracy added 9 nominations to the event.

8 – Bette Davis

The first actress on the list of most Oscar-winning stars is Bette Davis. Nominated 10 times for an Oscar, the actress also took home two awards, both in the Best Actress category. The first victory came in 1936 through the film Dangerous (Dangerous) and then, in 1939, by Jezebel.

7 – Walter Brennan

Next, we have actor Walter Brennan, who was nominated for the cinematic party 4 times, of which he won 3, all in the category of Best Supporting Actor. The victories came in: 1937, by My Son Is My Rival (Come And Get It); 1939, by kentucky; 1941, by The Last Frontier (The Westerner).

6 – Frances McDormand

Six Oscar nominations and three wins. This is the resume of actress Frances McDormand, one of the main names in the Best Actress category throughout history.

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She won for the first time in 1997, for fargo. Afterwards, he won again in 2018 and 2021, for the films Three Billboards for a Crime (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) It is nomadlandrespectively.

5 – Daniel Day-Lewis

The first name of the top 5 actors who won the most Oscars is Daniel Day-Lewis. He also received 6 nominations and won 3 times, all in the Best Actor category. The triumphs came in: 1990, by My Left Foot; in 2008, by Sangue Negro (There Will Be Blood); in 2013, by lincoln.

4 – Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman is another actress who made Oscar history by winning Best Actress twice and Best Supporting Actress once. In that one, the actress won in 1945, for Half-Light (Gaslight)and in 1957, by the film Anastasia. In this, he triumphed in 1975, by Murder on the Orient Express. The artist has 7 nominations.

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3 – Jack Nicholson

Well-known to moviegoers, actor Jack Nicholson did not go unnoticed at the Oscars and won the celebration three times. Two of them were in the category of Best Actor, first in 1976, for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nestthen in 1998, by Better is Impossible (As Good as It Gets).

He also won Best Supporting Actor in 1984 for the feature Terms of Endearment. The artist had 12 nominations throughout his career.

2 – Meryl Streep

Another three-time Oscar winner is Meryl Streep. with nothing else, no less than 21 nominations in his careerthe actress has two statuettes for Best Actress: one came in 1983, for Sophia’s Choice (Sophie’s Choice)and the other in 2012, by The Iron Lady (The Iron Lady). The third victory came in the category of Best Supporting Actress, in 1980, for Kramer vs. Kramer.

1 – Katharine Hepburn

Finally, the actress who is considered by many to be the greatest of all time: Katherine Hepburn. Nominated 12 times for the Oscar, the star is the only one with 4 wins in the category of Best Actress.

The triumphs arrived in: 1934, by Morning Glory (Morning Glory); 1968, by Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner; 1969, by The Lion in Winter (The Lion in Winter); and 1982, by In a Golden Pond (On Golden Pond).

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