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FIFA 22 was the last: EA Sports broke up with the football company, but it has an ace up its sleeve

EA Sports FIFA is overwell the saga of football video games between these two companies has ended and there seems to be no going back. However, fans of will not be left empty-handed, as EA Sports will develop its own soccer game.

In this way, FIFA 22 would go on to become the last as it has been known for several years. As noted, the new video game of the gaming franchise would be EA Sports Football Club or simply EA Sports FC.

For a few months it was expected that EA and FIFA would renew the license agreement to continue with the football saga, but it never came. Although it has not been confirmed by the parties, everything indicates that the agreement will never be carried out.

Of course, since there is no official agreement between the two, EA Sports can no longer use the FIFA name, even so, that It is not an impediment to further development.. Fl journalist Jeff Grub, was that he said that the next installment will most likely be called EA Sports Football Club.

According to the communicator, the trailer for this new installment will be released in March, where the new name of the soccer video game franchise will also be officially announced.

However, EA seems to have postponed the presentation of EA Sports Football Club. Supposedly due to the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its effects worldwide.

It has also transpired that part of the break between the two companies was due to the fact that FIFA was asking EA Sports for one billion US dollars (every four years) for the license Of the brand. Clearly the developer refused, since it would be double what was initially agreed.

Despite this, regular gamers have nothing to worry about as EA has signed contracts with every league and footballer or clubso losing the license will practically only affect the name of the video game, since the content will be just what everyone is expecting it to be.

For example, last October they confirmed the renewal of the contract with FIF Prowhich encompasses 40 leagues and thousands of players from around the world, which means that the biggest loss for the studio would be the name it has maintained since its inception.

It is the most successful sports franchise in the gamer world and, as has been shown on other occasions with all kinds of titles, changing the name wouldn’t present too much of a problem neither for the company nor for the players.

On the other hand, it seems that FIFA will not sit idly by as it will manage to develop its own video game and not have losses. Options, at least for now, are limited, with a eFootball that made fans laugh and cry alike and the enigmatic UFLwhich was announced in gamescom last August.

The breaking of the brands was already expected

For some this is nothing new, because since last year, when FIFA 22 was launched, the possibility of changing the classic name of FIFA with the next installment was anticipated.. The last contract had come to an end with the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

For a long time, Electronic Arts has mentioned the possibility of transforming the video game into a platform, thinking about the future of the franchise with regular updates and thematic content like the one already seen in modes like FUT. More than one classic video game saga was adapted to this latest generation with different monetization models based on Season Passes, more elaborate cosmetics and different offers designed for different types of consumers.


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