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“Fear turned into curiosity”: Violeta, a girl who dared to make an app to donate blood

This April 28 is celebrated International Girls in ICT Day (Information and Communication Technologies) and according to the UN, the objective is encourage girls and young women to steer their professional studies towards technological careersyes In that sense, what is more encouraging than the voice of a young woman who has overcome and transformed her fear into curiosity.


Violet Brownis a Mexican girl who despite her young age has achieved great things in the field of STEM (acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, for its acronym in English).

at 15 yearswas, together with her team, winner of the 2nd National place, and Regional Winer Latin America of Technovation Girls 2021after having created an application focused on blood donation.


explained for TechMarkup that “it was about a mobile application that will help create a culture of altruistic blood donation in the country”. It was shocking to her to see on the news that blood banks were running out of supplies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and she felt it was important that anyone, no matter the reason, have access to the liquid.

It made me think about the seriousness of the matter, because an accident is something that can happen to us at any time and to anyone. Not having the resources to deal with this can even cost lives, so that’s where the idea for the application was born, ”he recalled.


But not everything was as easy as thinking of an application after being moved by the context that the world was going through, but in take it to its development and learn to use the technological tools that required.

“I had no knowledge of programming or code, so one of the first challenges I had to overcome was to get rid of this fear of the unknown because for me, at that time, working with technology seemed like something super complicated to understand.”

assured that that fear gradually turned into curiosityand that is how she ended up winning the Technovation Girls contest, focused on girls between 8 and 18 years of age, whose challenge is to make a mobile application or artificial intelligence.

Violet’s first steps

His initial mentors were his engineering uncles, who got him interested in technology. Despite the fact that at first he made her “afraid because of so many codes and numbers”, his curiosity, the help of his uncles and his parents won out.


“From the beginning my parents were there, They told me to cheer up, that every day is a new opportunity to learn”.

Between fear and curiosity, Violeta ventured to enroll in the technology contest to develop an application, where her age, educational level or gender were not important aspects to stop her.

“While working on my project, that curiosity won me over, right? I failed, but now I’m going to try another way. So, if it is something complicated, the truth, but it is nothing [como jóvenes mujeres] that we can’t solve.”

assured that “once you get the hang of it” with technology, the code language, nor the rest of things, is no longer so complicated, especially if you have the motivation. In the end, his experience in the contest was “very entertaining, very funny and very interesting.”

The 15-year-old said it’s very inspiring to realize “you’re not alone,” so now she encourages other women to do things in STEM.

“If you like it, then do it. You don’t have to stop for anything or anyone.”

Her experience helped her to lose her fears, to gain self-confidence and to wish that other young women who are hesitating dare to do what they want.

Now that he knows that he has no limits, he will finish his high school studies but then study engineering, look for a scholarship abroad and return to the country to share his knowledge “and well maybe one day maybe to be able to carry the name of Mexico on high”.


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