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‘Fatum’ and ‘Guardian of the Forest’ novelties in a box office that continues to dominate ‘Super Mario Bros.’

'Fatum' and 'Guardian of the Forest' novelties in a box office that continues to dominate 'Super Mario Bros.'

Unrivaled at the box office. The animated feature film Super Mario Bros. The film continues its spectacular run in our theaters being number one for the fourth consecutive weekend. According to still provisional data from ComScore Moviesfrom Friday April 28 to Sunday 30, and despite the fact that its collection fell by 27 percent, entered almost 1.9 million eurosa figure that doubles the second highest grossing, Infernal Possession: The Awakening, what was done with about 700 thousand euros.

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Super Mario Bros. totally exceeds the 20 million and it would still be necessary to add what would have entered the festivity of May 1. Regarding tickets sold, 3.2 million viewers they would have already seen it in the big theaters since its premiere.

But this is only in relation to Spain. Globally, its collection is 1,026 million dollars (some 933 million recorded in euros). Compared to the next highest-grossing titles so far in 2023, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania accumulates $474.6 million and john wick 4 would be in the 402.

‘Good manners’
Warner Bros.

‘Fatum’ and the other news of the weekend. To find the first of Friday’s premieres we must descend to fourth place. There is the Spanish production Fatumthe thriller directed by Juan Galinanes and starring Luis Tosar, Elena Anaya and Alex Garciaand which debuted collecting €315,414. It would be followed, in fifth place, by an animated feature film from Ukraine, Mavka. forest guardian with €225,214. And, in tenth position, another Spanish production, Good manners directed by martha diaz with 106,843 euros.

More premieres to keep in mind. out of the top ten Also noteworthy are the novelties of Beau is scaredthe new movie Ari Asterwith joaquin phoenix as the protagonist and three hours long. He entered sixteenth place with €52,412 and showing on 100 screens. In a few less, in 59, a lead cell directed by Miquel Romansand based on real events, the young feminist republican Neus Català confined in a Nazi concentration camp, was seventeenth with 36,286 euros.

And on 62 screens it was projected sisuthe finnish film Jalmari Helander winner at the last Sitges Festival, and which made its eighteenth debut with €33,746. The average collection per screen was 524 euro for Beau is scared, 615 for a lead cell and of 544 for sisu. Some decent results, but far from the 2,154 of Super Mario Bros. (which was shown on 875 screens), the 1,674 of Infernal Possession: The Awakening (416) and the 1,585 average of What a vacation! (426).

And it should also be noted freethe documentary directed by white saints that introduces us to the life of the interior of the Spanish monasteries. Thirteenth in the list of the highest grossing with 70,939 euroswith an average collection of 1,075 euros per screen (it was shown in 66) and increasing their revenue by 26 percent compared to the previous weekend, that of its premiere.

The ten highest grossing in Spain (from April 28 to 30)

'Super Mario Bros: The Movie'
‘Super Mario Bros: The Movie’

1 – Super Mario Bros. The Movie. 1,884,330 euros (and in 26 days it accumulates 20,404,145 euros and 3,196,107 viewers).

2 – Infernal possession: The awakening. 696,414 euros (and in ten days, 2,008,760 euros and 296,813 viewers).

3 – What a vacation!. 675,134 euros (and in ten days, 1,518,061 euros and 238,780 spectators).

4 – Fatum. 315,414 euros and 45,526 spectators in three days.

5 – Mavka. Forest guardian. 225,214 euros and 35,253 spectators in three days.

6 – The exorcist of the Pope. 161,877 euros (and in 26 days, 2,747,940 euros and 413,340 spectators).

7 – Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. 142,831 euros (and in 31 days, 3,065,559 euros and 461,274 viewers).

8 – 20,000 species of bees. 126,348 euros (and in ten days, 406,241 euros and 67,355 spectators).

9-John Wick 4. 117,632 euros (and in 38 days, 4,089,856 euros and 590,476 viewers).

10- Good manners. 106,843 euros and 15,530 spectators in three days.

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