Fast Pair: Google brings fast-connect technology to Wear OS smartwatches

Fast Pair: Google brings fast-connect technology to Wear OS smartwatches

Google revealed at CES 2022 that it would bring Fast Pair, its technology that allows fast pairing with devices over Bluetooth, to Android TVs and Windows computers. This Sunday (25th), we discovered that the feature will also be available on Wear OS smartwatches.

This means that all wireless headphones paired with the user’s cell phone will automatically sync with the smartwatch, as Fast Pair stores the information of the connected accessories in the Google account.

Headphones can be connected to the smartwatch for music playback (Image: Playback)

For those who have a headset that supports simultaneous connection to multiple devices, Fast Pair will allow quick switching from one audio source to another. As noted by 9to5Googlethe company added the following words to the changelog from the June platform update:

[Wear OS] Fast Pair on Wear OS will allow previously paired headphones to be discovered and connected to wearable devices.

To get the function, it is must be running version 22.24 of Google Play Services. The last service update was made available to users last Friday (24). Google has yet to confirm which versions of Wear OS will support Fast Pair.

We still don’t know what the Fast Pair UI will look like on Wear OS. The feature is thought to have the same behavior as the smartphone version, which displays a notification informing you of the availability of pairing with a nearby headset via Bluetooth.

Fast Pair for Wear OS is added in view of the launch of Pixel Watch, Google’s first smartwatch. The wearable should support various apps in the ecosystem, such as Google Maps, Assistant, Wallet, Home and Fitbit.