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‘Fast & Furious X’: review, synopsis and cast

'Fast & Furious X': review, synopsis and cast


“Can you be quieter, Vin? You’re going to wake up the public.” So mocked Peter Bradshaw, of The Guardian, of At full throttle (2001). His was not the only negative criticism received by the low-budget production directed by Rob Cohen, although it also had its defenders.

Variety considered it “a drive-in movie”, while Empire He said it was “the most fun of the year.” What nobody imagined was that that bet that had cost 40 million dollars would be the seed of a multimillion-dollar saga.

22 years later, Fast & Furious X it will have to raise the ante again with the added pressure of being the penultimate film in the franchise. Let’s remember that Vin Diesel had conceived fast & furious 9 as the first installment of a trilogy that would put an end to the long-running saga, with justin lin in the director’s chair.

Unfortunately, creative differences (and alleged friction with Diesel) kept Lin from Fast & Furious X in favor of another Universal collaborator, Louis Letterrier, that will repeat at the front of the final delivery.

‘Fast & Furious X’: review


In the final climax of the film, Jason Momoa, the schizophrenic villain of this story, tells Vin Diesel that whoever is behind the wheel is no longer the one who makes the difference. It almost seems that he is referring to fast & furious, which, with its tenth installment, confirms something that its predecessors already anticipated: This has long since ceased to be just a saga of tuned cars and unbridled action, racing and drifting.

Don’t get us wrong Fast & Furious X it continues to offer that adrenaline with the smell of gasoline and burned tires that elevated it; What’s more, the most outstanding scenes once again put their protagonists in the driver’s seat, such as the chase by car, motorcycle and even a remote-controlled vehicle through the streets of Rome, after a giant bomb on fire.

However, illegal races through Los Angeles have led to international missions where government corruption, family feuds, incriminations and the need to connect absolutely everything are stronger. The tenth film is, more than ever, a tribute to the entire franchise, a catwalk of old acquaintances that reappear, regardless of whether it makes sense or not; a list of phrases intended to touch your heart that often cause embarrassment (with Diesel to the brim with eye drops); and even promotional photos of the previous films that the protagonists have framed and arranged as altars in their homes.

Despite his best intentions, Diesel goes too far in the most emotional part, bordering on ridiculous, In his eagerness to vindicate the ‘family’, Paul Walker (starting with fast & furious 5 to grotesque references -“a policeman and a runner”-), to each and every one of the members of the Toretto family. The result is an unhealthy obsession with crazy connections, with Daniela Melchior’s character revealing herself as the sister of Elsa Pataky’s, mother of Dom’s son.

Fortunately, Fast its alot Fast and the flaws caused by excessive ambition are compensated for how little seriously she takes herself from time to time and her cunning to continue making us enjoy like dwarves with her explosions, her impossible pirouettes on land, sea and air, and her Lack of fear of trying everything, bordering on more genres such as fantasy or science fiction than action.

Humor (or, rather, parody) continues to be another of its winning assets, a field in which John Cena deserves a special mention. The actor embraces that comic vision that he has been able to exploit so well in DC (we can almost imagine Diesel watching the fictions of his friend James Gunn and saying to Cena: “That’s what I want!”) With a wild, hilarious Jakob Toretto, the “cool uncle” who babysits his nephew while protecting and instructing him. How good is Cena when it is good and how does this film elevate just by watching The minions in a plane.

The other proper name that steals prominence from Diesel (let’s not say it too loudly that we provoke another war of egos) is Jason Momoa, who has a great time, better than ever, in the skin of Dante, a villain for whom he seems to have caught the psychopathy, unpredictability and meanness of Heath Ledger’s Joker. TO Fast He was missing that enemy, the deranged one, the one who sadistically enjoys painting the nails of corpses. It can be shrill, but a jarring note is appreciated.

Probably the question you ask yourself the most in the two hours and 20 minutes that the film lasts is: What the hell is going on? But it’s the magic of Fast. It is a fantasy world designed at the will of Diesel, with its successes and its many flaws, in which you have to decide whether to enter or not. If you don’t, you’ll be squeaked by his vague and easy script, or the lack of care with which he treats actors like Brie Larson or Tyrese Gibson.

But if you go in and accept the codes of this barbecue torettian, like someone who enters superhero cinema tolerating constant powers and apocalypse, you’ll enjoy yourself like a dwarf, you’ll laugh at them (but also with them) and you’ll leave the room entranced by the shamelessness of THOSE latest cameos, feeling that you have been taken a bit of the hair, but delighted despite everything. Is it minimally logical? Now here near. Is it excessive? Almost always. Does she take herself seriously? Never. Is it enjoyable? A lot, no matter who makes the difference.

‘Fast & Furious X’ synopsis

Dom Toretto (Diesel) a new enemy will be measured: Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) drug dealer’s son Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida in Fast & Furious 5). The meddling of Toretto and Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) cost Reyes his criminal empire, and Dante is itching to exact revenge with something worse than death: suffering.

‘Fast & Furious X’ release date and duration

The tenth film in the saga hits theaters May 19 distributed by Universal and has a duration of 141 minutes.

‘Fast & Furious X’ director

This ‘family’ has another member: Louis Leterrier is the new director of the saga fast & furious after Justin Lin left the last project due to alleged disagreements with Vin Diesel.

Leterrier is a French director known for being in charge of the diptych Transporter with Jason Statham The incredible Hulk (Edward Norton’s), Wrath of the Titans either Now you see Me. His last film before Fast & Furious X was counterintelligence agent and, since then, he has participated in different Netflix series, from Dark glass to lupin.

Leterrier, who has fitted in wonderfully among the Torettos, will also direct Fast & Furious 11.

‘Fast & Furious X’ cast

Charlize Theron and Jason Momoa are not the only ones joining this adventure. Vin Diesel returns to have the entire band: they return Michelle Rodriguez like Letty, jordan brewster like mine, Tyrese Gibson in Roman’s skin, Nathalie Emmanuel like Megan, ludacris in the skin of Tej, Sung Kang like Han and Helen Mirren like Magdalene Shaw.

In this new confrontation against Dante (Momoa), the Toretto family will have the help of Brie Larson in the skin of Tess, the daughter of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), and of old acquaintances as Jason Statham playing Deckard Shaw and John Cena like Jakob Toretto, brother of Dom. Let them burn wheel; we just want to continue enjoying Rita Moreno like grandma Toretto.

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