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‘Fast & Furious 10’ could be only the first part of the trilogy that culminates the saga

'Fast & Furious 10' could be only the first part of the trilogy that culminates the saga

Vin Diesel always think big. the actor of fast & furious (and also the main producer) has designed a gigantic saga that systematically sweeps the box office, and that beyond spin offs (equally successful as Hobbs and Shaw) doesn’t seem to know when to end the party. This is how it happens that, after thinking that we were going to see the end of the main story in two connected films (Fast & Furious 10 and the hypothetical Fast & Furious 10: Part 2), the number has increased.

Fast & Furious 10 the premiere may 19. Its premiere has just been held, with the usual euphoric opinions, and at the event Diesel wanted to anticipate the future of fast & furiousas collected fandango. Then he said: “Without giving too much away I can say that, when starting to make this movie, the studio had asked if it could be a movie of two parts. After the studio saw this first part, they said ‘could you make Fast & Furious 10: The Ending a trilogy?’”.

With good sense, his co-star Michelle Rodriguez pointed out that “Any story has three acts”and Diesel looked confident enough to say “It’s probably a trilogy”. So it seems that the intention is there, and if Fast & Furious 10 works at the box office (there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t), it’s very likely that the film that was originally going to serve as the final chapter will be split in two.

The tenth installment of the saga is directed by louis leterrier (Transporter, now you see me) after the fright of justin lin, the oldest director of the saga and someone who after five films simply couldn’t take it anymore. Now Leterrier has earned the trust of Diesel to direct the sequel to Fast & Furious 10and he might as well take on the next film as well, holding the entire trilogy on his shoulders.

The cast returns with the usual Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Jason Statham and Charlize Theron as the recurring villain. she will come back too John Cena after his role as a villain in fast & furious 9which now by the way occupies Jason Momoa. The cast will also include the participation of Meadow Walkerdaughter of Paul Walker (star of the franchise until his death), who participates in fast & furious ten years after his father’s death.

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